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Ukraine, 2013, - Color - 14.30

Yegor Kulagin

Artem Berkalov,Denis Burdastih...

Yegor Kulagin

Ivan Poboroznuk,Vitaliy Bredik

Vlad Pryadchenko,Vlad Poyanski

Yura Kholod

Yegor Kulagin


An underground-scientist conducts experiments with the help of dubious equipment. He films people's subconscious. A special program makes out of them little movies. They are like parts of dreams. The pseudo-scientist follows precisely the experiment and looks aside to answers phone calls of Lyuba and the Boss. This was the reason he couldn’t stop the experiment in time…

I was born on December, 18, 1988 in Lugansk, a town in Eastern Ukraine. I went there to kindergarten and school. Apart from school I used to go to different hobby groups, especially judo and singing classes. In December 2003 my family moved to Kyiv, where I went to the 9th grade in a general school. Afterwards my parents decided that a college degree in finance and economics would do me the best. I’ve spend there 2.5 years. Later I took a year off and my parents sent me to Malta to study English. When I came back, my parents were already divorced. Hence I lived a few months at my friends’ place. I graduated from the college and was granted the opportunity to become a second-year student of almost any university. I knew where I wanted to go. But my father insisted on interior design studies. Somehow I managed to study there for one year and switched then to the Institute of cinematography and TV. I’ve studied there for 2 semesters, but had to quit – I couldn’t pay for the 3rd semester. I’ve spent all the money on the production of a short film. The next short film followed. I shot it purely by chance. My father offered me $30K for a full-length film. I agreed without thinking. I finished the script and the shooting plan. Unfortunately they were useless, because I received money step-by-step. Sometimes the intervals were few months. In between I was shooting promo videos, practicing cut and editing and made some video installations. The shooting was finished only by summer: the actors were pale in one scene, and tanned in another. The script has been rewritten several times and lost its sense (in my opinion then). I hadn’t the needed sum of money to finish the project, so after some thinking I decided to shoot few more scenes, to insert them in between scenes from the old materials. When the editing was done, I watched everything again and understood – it’s boring and cut it up to 15 minutes. The rest was put into aside.




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