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Salvador, 2013, HD - Color - 64 minutes 15 seconds

Alvaro J. Martinez

Cristina Melendez, Roberto Mateos, Natalia Sanchez, Milena Gonzalez, Mauricio Sermeño, Jose Calderon

Cristina Melendez y Alvaro Martinez

Edenilson Lazo

Alvaro Martinez

Luis Dardano

Alvaro Martinez

Cristina Melendez

Clak Films

World Premiere


Contrast is a film about the way woman live in the poorest latin American countries. The main idea of the movie is to show the story of two women who live in one of the smallest Central American countries and how society has an impact on them. Julia and Maria were both born and raised in the same country; however, they have completely different lifestyles. Julia is a frivolous high class woman who cares only about herself; for her, there is nothing more important in life than businesses and money. Julia is the kind of woman who does not believe in love or family, she has a strong personality and most people try to be as far from her as possible; however, there is a reason for her behavior. Maria is a single mother who works as a maid and lives with her four year old daughter, Andreita, they live in a very bad neighborhood and are exposed to many risks. This film is an eye opening experience about the reality of the poorest Latin American countries, in this scenario it can be understood how some people living in the poorest countries of the world can have a luxurious way of living, overspending unimaginable amounts of money; while others, right next to them, live in extreme poverty not even having the possibility to buy food or medicine for themselves. The main idea of Contrast is to show how most of the time people that have everything they want cannot be happy at all; on the other hand, someone who apparently does not have anything can be happy, accomplishing it with kindness, humility, and most of all with God in their heart.

Alvaro Martinez: Co-Writer, Digital Effects, Director, Editor, Sound Editor Alvaro Martinez: Director Alvaro Martinez: Born in San Salvador, El Salvador and raised in Panama City, Alvaro has been working on filming location sets since he was 16 years old and all throughout his high school years. He attended film school in Secretaria General Iberoamericana in Panama City. At that time he studied arts in Panama's National University. Inspired by his passion for the arts Alvaro moved to San Salvador, El Salvador to work as a producer and editor on the television show “Orgullosamente Salvadoreño.” The TV show has aired in El Salvador as well as The United States on networks such as Telemundo and Univision. At that time, Alvaro started directing endless TV commercials for several brands such as restaurants, cafes, insurances, clothing stores, department stores, beers and drinks, car shops, universities, government, etc. In search of a better development in television production, Alvaro took workshops for digital post- production in Madrid, Spain. In 2007 Alvaro won “The best commercial award” from ASDER Radio, for a commercial he directed, produced, and edited. Alvaro also directed and edited the first television series aired in El Salvador “Los Torres”. Alvaro did cinematography, direction and post-production for the short film “Al Septimo Dia”, and the movie “El Camino del Gato”. “Entre Angeles y Demonios” is the first short film Alvaro directed and edited, he won “Best Director” at IFFPIE (International Film Festival for Peace, Inspiration, and Equality) in Indonesia, as well as an Award of Merit in BSC, California. Alvaro is director and co-writer of “Contraste” and is currently editing the first romantic comedy made in Central America “La Busqueda”




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