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A Man And A Women

China, 2005, DVCAM (PAL) - Color - 170

Tian Yi,Li HuangJin

Hao YiFeng

Hao YiFeng



In the last century late 90s, two youths named MeiZi and GangZi came to teach in Beijing from outer places. They didn’t know each other before they were introduced by an old man and they lived together after several dates. Even though they seemed to have endless quarrels, they still loved each other. Meizi worked hard with heart. When MeiZi complained that he didn’t earn enough money, GangZi always said that it’s useless of earning too much money and he loved teaching very much .In fact, he just shuffled through it. Finally, GangZi quit the job. After facing many difficulties in finding new jobs, Gangzi started to re-recognize himself and every surrounding thing so as the capital Beijing . This was when Meizi and Gangzi have ‘cold war’. The shadow left by the single-parent family and several failure marriages of old schoolmate Songzi enhanced Meizi’s distrust and suspicion towards men. She started to pay full attention on every moves of Gangzi. With the help from Songzi, Meizi and Gangzi once again got back together and held a special wedding at home. Meizi helped Gangzi found a job. Gangzi was very unwilling to work in another school but he did go. Lizi, Gangzi’s colleague in the new school, believed that men should have ‘lovers’ besides wives. Well-behaved Gangzi didn’t care about that at first, but finally, he stepped out because of losing of the sense of pride. This step didn’t gain him back the sense of pride but eventually led to the tragedy at the end.

Born in a village of ShanXi province in China on 6th January, 1979 , I studied there from primary school till high school with outstanding performance. In 1st July, 2000, I graduated from HaErBin Science and Technology University in Hei LongJiang province in China , having majored in 4-year course Computer Application. In the University, I was deeply attracted by film and started learning film knowledges by myself. After graduation, I came to Beijing and taught in a middle school.In my spare time I studied theories and related knowledges of film and watched lots of local and foreign films. I have attended the enrolment test for the master course of director in Beijing Film College 3 times (once a year). Yet, I failed all the tests. On March of 2005, I decided to use my own money (salaries from the past few years and borrowed money from friends) to make my own film and so, here is the film.




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