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Adventureland Check-In

United States, 2013, 4K - Color - 89

Jay Wright

Jay Wright

Jay Wrght

Jay Wright

Jay Wright

Jay Wright


'Adventureland Check-In' is an art/doc which has recieved an invitation to Berlinale Forum/Forum Expanded.Like Ross McElwee's first person narratives or a Ken Burns film gone beserk, 'Adventureland Check-In' chronicles the filmmaker and others being sold in 1989 by the Christian right in the USA to mental institutions in exchange for payment and the U.S. Supreme Court case, U.S v. Jain, surrounding the events. This qualifies as a form of human trafficking for which there is no statute of limitations, and for which no one was ever prosecuted. As time has gone on, and technology has allowed more access to documentation of events, competing histories have arisen - personal, public and virtual - all with their own versions and truths.'Adventureland Check-In' is a film about POV, facts, intertextualities, the fight for a better future, and the pull of science on free will as well as free will pulling on science. The film attempts to take views of the virtual world we have everyday and restructure them into a personal and true narrative.

I have had two films screen previously at RIFF.While having an arts pedigree - participation in biennials, a Bachelor of Fine Arts from San Francisco Art Institute, graduate seminars, and trained by some of the masters of deconstructionist cinema from the Cinema 16 scene in New York (including Lawrence Jordan, Ernie Gehr, George Kuchar, Gunvor Nelson, Lynn Hershman and Barbara Hammer) - Jay Wright's films have eschewed the impersonal, cerebral approach of the deconstructionist era (with perhaps the exception of Jordan and Mekas) instead trying to find personal space within what is classically thought of as avant-garde cinema. Borrowing from performance and video art as well as deconstructionist film, his films have been in formats and lengths that would better work with commercial cinema's demands and so attack it directly on its own turf - at festivals and in independent theaters, not just in the rarefied air of galleries and museums. Jay Wright's films are included in the collection of NY MOMA/PS1 and have been curated by Museo d'Nacional in Mexico City at the Biennial of Poetry and Video. His films have won festival awards and played on American and European television. He is also an author of 4 novels and more than 10 short stories.




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