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AFTER THE SILENCE what remains unsaid does not exist?

France, 2012, DV and Hi8 - Color - 96

Vanina Vignal

Ioana Abur, Rodica Abur, Teona Galgo?iu, Vanina Vignal, ?tefan Manea, Valeria Manea, Elena Sighi?oreanu

Vanina Vignal

Vanina Vignal

Mélanie Braux


Vanina Vignal

Vanina Vignal (NOVEMBREproductions - France) and Cristian Mungiu (Mobra Films - Roumania)

NOVEMBREproductions (France) and Mobra Films (Roumania)

NOVEMBREproductions (France) and Mobra Films (Roumania)


AFTER THE SILENCE deals with how the effects of dictatorship are still extremely vivid, even after the fall of dictatorship. It is a film about the abuses of the state, about fear, how silence is passed on from one generation to the next. A film about the space which, despite all that is known, is left to ghosts that make it impossible to live fully in the present. Three generations walled in silence. The legacy of denial, as nothing has been put back in its place and nothing has been said. Killing the dictator is not enough to kill the dictatorship. (Vanina Vignal)

Vanina Vignal’s Biography“Because of my films, people often think I have Romanian origins, which I haven’t. But there have been important random connections with this country. I met a Romanian woman who had fled her totalitarian country. Among her exiled fellow countrymen, a playwright, who said to me: “When this play is produced, I want you for this part.” He did not forget his promise and his play was staged at the Vasile Alexandrii Theatre of Iasi, in Romanian Moldavia. The neighbour was still the Soviet Union, and fragile Romania was shyly opening up to the world after a speedy “revolution” the country had had no time to digest - which was in fact a coup d’état. It was around this time I first came into contact with Romania, where I arrived bringing with me all the clichés the media had been feeding us since December 1989. It was a tremendous shock. The better I understood the lives of the people around me, the less I knew about this country; my convictions about Eastern Europe were steadily shattered…”. (Vanina Vignal)Vanina Vignal was born in France. She trained as an actress at the Jacques Lecoq International School of Theater and Movement, and the National Theatre Conservatory of Romania. She has worked extensively in theatre, which has given her a subtle perception of drama embedded in people’s everyday lives. She then trained as an assistant editor and assistant director, before turning to her own projects. Among other things, she speaks fluent Romanian, which gives her direct access to the people she has chosen to film.Vanina Vignal’s FilmographySTELLA (“Prix du Patrimoine” at the Cinéma du Réel - 2007) was Vanina Vignal’s first film as a director NOVEMBREproductions - http://www.stellalefilm.com AFTER THE SILENCE is the second film of a Romanian trilogy : after Stella, which deals with the working class, this film focuses on the lower middle class, and the THIRD FILM will be about the ruling class that was ousted in 1948. It will be shot in Bucharest with people from “impure social origins” (as they were branded by Romanian leaders from 1948 onwards), who were stigmatized by the new leaders and yet didn’t choose to go into exile but built their lives within this new reality - in the Romanian People’s Republic.




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