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Child of the revolution

France, 2012, 1,77 - 75

Alina Cicani and Jean-Baptiste Gaillot

Alina Cicani and Jean-Baptiste Gaillot

Jean-Baptiste Gaillot

Clémence Lebrun

Julie Roué

Pierre Bompy

Vincent Gérard

Lamplighter Films


On December 22th, 1989, Alina was 12 years old. She lived in the romanian countryside with his grand-parents while Ceaucescu and his wife flew away by helicopter. A few days later they were killed. 22 years later, she lives and works in France. With her french boyfriend she decides to go back to Romania to collect the memories of her close family and friends, of these few days of December, 1989. From one of the federative questions of post-Ceausescu period ("Where were you during the revolution?"), the authors make a journey in Romania to meet several people living in different places and to interview them about the life under Ceausescu. Their experience during the revolution, and their vision of the modern Romania are discussed. The child of the revolution lies in every people in Romania. But is it not in each of us who were able to see on the television this revolution known to be the first revolution of the modern era of the "direct television" ?

Alina Cicani Born on 07/06/1977 in Bucharest (Romania)Training 2006 - 2007 « Classe Libre du Cours Florent » teachers JP Garnier, Loïc Corbery2006 - 2008 Acting in English Class – teacher Leslie Chatterley (Cours Florent)1995 - 2005 Chemical Engineering (Polytechnic School Bucharest) and PhD in Food ScienceExperiences Theatre 2009 - 2010 « BOA VIDA » of Nathalie MAIA, Théâtre CLAVEL. Play role : the mother2008 « Couple Ouvert à Deux battants » of Dario Fo. Director. ( Avignon Festival OFF) « Histoire d’Hommes » of X . Durringer. Text adaptation (Avignon Festival OFF)2007 « Des mots sont des mots, des baisers sont des baisers …» directed by Loïc Corbery (Comédie Française) « Faut-il qu’un homme tue pour un autre ? » work directed by J.P.Garnier2005 - 2006 « Lucrèce Borgia » of Victor Hugo. Directed by par Marine Faure, Paris- Espace Pierre Cardin (Assistant to director)Short Films 2010 « Beaux Habits » of Clemence Madelaine-Perdrillat 2007 - 2009 « Petit exercice » and «Magicien d’OZ » dirfected by par J-B. Gaillot. 2005 - 2006 « On trouvera la fin » directed by Alain Moreau & Bastian Paquet. « Le hasard-B.B.D. » directed by Cathrine Villeminot et Nicolas Prot. « Blanche Neige » (adaptation)directed by Lucile d’Avignon. « Visage de femmes » directed by Claire Blot.Web Radio 2011-2012 « Une recette à la lettre » culinary and litterature program. Every months on « www.le frigo.fr »Jean-Baptiste Gaillot Born on 02/01/1984 in Niort (France)Training 2005 - 2008 : National School « Louis Lumière », section Cinematography 2004 - 2005 : Master degree in Art School “University Paris 1) section Media 2002 - 2004 : Preparation class for national competition for cinematography , Ciné-Sup (Nantes) 1999- 2002 : High school Futuroscope (scientific section)Experiences Director of photography – Frame OperatorMai 2012 : Dans la tête du videur (documentary film, prod. Baïacedez) April 2012 : Action ! (web short film, prod. Aelide) August 2011 : Child of the revolution (documentary film, prod. Lamplighter-Films) June 2011 : Consentement (short film, prod. Anatom) July 2010 : Ces jours si paisibles (director : Hervé Prat) June 2010 : Da Vinci Toad (director : Sébastien Viaud) March 2010 : Rouge (director : Amandine Lourdel) Oct-Nov 2009 : PS (feature film, director : David Gautier, prod. Aelide Productions) Febr-June 2009 : INJA : à l’école des aveugles (documentary film, director : Juliette Loizeau)




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