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Death's Mailing

Ireland, 2005, DV - Color - 20

Julian Hills

Kevin Malone , James Kearney , Mick Fitzgerald

Julian Hills

Ronan McCabe


Boyle and Quinn are graverobbers in Dublin in 1827. The rise of anatomical science has led to a demand for corpses that far outweighs the numbers legally available following executions. However so many people are stealing bodies, the graveyards are busier after dark than they are during the day so security increases. Boyle runs a lodging house with his wife. When a guest dies on the premises, Boyle takes the corpse to the Royal College of Surgeons where they receive a good price from Professor Patrick Carson. Staggering home drunk the following morning they find Boyle's wife serving breakfast to a new guest. Boyle and Quinn kill the guest and take the body to Carson where they cut a deal giving them carte-blanche to kill.

Julian Michael Hills Irish Film/TV Work as Director (sometimes cameraman and editor) 'Death's Mailing' – completed in April 2005 it is a 20 min short about graverobbing in 19th century Dublin. Screened at 2005 Belfast Film Festival and selected for Galway. ‘Podge and Rodge - A Scare at Bedtime’ - Series 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 for ZZ /RTE ‘Rat’s Tales’ – Series 1 for ZZ/CITV Launch video for Meteor Mobile phones Series 25 short TV ads for government’s Alcohol Awareness campaign. Arsenal Assosies (France/Brittany) – profiles of fifteen current Irish traditional musicians including interviews and performances. ‘Cook with Love’ for Belmont/RTE (Documentary on Neven Maguire’s participation in the Lyon ‘Bocuse d’Or world culinary competition) ‘Obsessions – A Canvas of Flesh’ for Fusion/RTE (Documentary on Karen Russell, Ireland’s leading female tattooist) Many insert stories and outside reports for ‘Open House’ Tyrone Productions/RTE Various dramatic reconstructions for ‘Crimeline’ (Eclipse TV) Various corporates. ‘XXX Nudes’ – a music video, ‘Hollywood and Vietnam’, ’Maurice O’Connell – A Portrait of the Artist’, ’Glendalough – A Journey’, ’The Fireman’ (Independent projects) Irish Theatre Projects (As Director) 1995 ‘One For the Road’ by Harold Pinter (City Arts, then Andrew’s Lane Theatres) Other related projects (UK) 1986 – 1989 Produced Corporate videos and conferences for Metrovideo ltd., London. Clients included British Gas, Yamaha, BP, Coopers and Lybrand and many more. 1984 – 1986 Cutting Room and Camera Assistant in a London Opticals House (Produced 35mm opticals for commercials and features) Irish Art Related Projects (throughout same period) Currently preparing for first Irish exhibition June 2005. Co-founder and Artistic Director of Inside Art Ltd., (a company devoted to finding commercial outlets for artists and craftspeople). Series of 14 pencil portraits of past chairman for VHI boardroom. Series of pencil portraits of Irish Scientists and inventors for Forbairt library. Freelance muralist and painter. Various Artist in Residences, one of which – the ‘Forest in a School’ project - won a European Environmental Award. Street theatre projects for Dun Laoghaire/Rathdown Arts Office. Education 1990 - University of Ulster at Belfast – BA (Hons) Fine Art 1989 - Wimbledon School of Art – Cert. in Foundation Studies 1982 - London College of Printing – Dip. in Graphic Orig. and Repro. Other relevant Experience Swept Monkey House at London Zoo for two summers




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