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At Last

United States, 2005, mini DV - Color - 27 minutes

Chris Wallace

Oona Mekas, Henry Lide, Mike Johnson, Nino Cirabisi, Edward Henwood, Vanessa Peters, Sian Heder, Glenn Urieta

Chris Wallace

Maren Brown, Chris Wallace


"At Last" by Chris WallaceSynopsis"At Last" is the story of a group of friends in Los Angeles who come together at the Denali’s house for a spring dinner party. Each of the guests is aware that their hostess, the young and talented Anya, is losing her fight against cancer and that this may be the last time any of them will see her. It is the silence, the yearning of each of the characters for what they don’t have, what they see in another’s life and want for themselves, that speaks loudest and drives the action throughout the evening. Paul, an ambitious architect, is in awe of legendary designer Alan Spencer and aspires to his success and prestige. Mario Denali is jealous of the ease that Anya has while around her old friend Tim and devastated by the futility of his own wants and desires. Everyone longs for the grace and power and wisdom Anya exhibits while Anya quietly wishes that she had the hope of any of them. The mood, though, is expansive and celebratory until the breathless climax when the air seems to be sucked out of the room and everyone is left to reflect on their own lives and what is important to them.

"At Last" Director Chris Wallace BioAlong with the ensemble drama "At Last," Chris Wallace also completed "The Elephant’s Room," a short film he wrote and directed for the Sacramento Film and Music Festival’s 10X10 filmmaker challenge in 2005. In 2003 Chris wrote, produced, edited and starred in "Carnival Sun," the short film for which he won ‘Best Screenplay,’ at the Miami International Short Film Festival, ‘Best Actor,’ at the San Francisco International Film Festival, ‘Best Editing,’ at the Festival du Cinema de Paris, and ‘Best Realization,’ at the Brussels Film Festival. Chris received his M.F.A. in writing at USC where he studied with Hubert Selby Jr., Aram Saroyan and others and completed his first novel, "The Untitled Renaissance Project," in 2002. He got his B.A. in Philosophy, Literature & History in 2000 from Weber State University in Utah which he attended on an athletic scholarship.




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