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Italy, 2012, HD 1920 x 1080 - Color - 19

Luciano Schito

Cinzia Greco; Emanuele Asprella; Totò Del Popolo

Luciano Schito

Luciano Schito; Davide Del Vescovo

Luciano Schito

Eleanna Greco

Antonio Mangialardo

Luciano Schito

Celart / Cinecaffé Lecce


It is the story of a girl, an artist of the theater trying in every way to not succumb, not to collapse in front of the subtle violence every day is forced to endure. With all his might try to rebel against something that is much bigger than her. The message is: do not persist to be alone. Let us join our forces, our ideas and let us help each other.

Luciano Schito was born in Poggiardo (Lecce, Italy) in 1979. He then moved to Geneva with his family, where he lived his first five years of childhood in rue Saint Joseph, in the Carouge neighbourhood. He graduated in 1998 from the “E. Mattei” Industrial Technical Institute of Maglie and the following year he was admitted to the University of Bologna (Faculty of Literature and Philosophy – Arts, Music and Performing Arts Studies DAMS Cinema). In the course of these years he interacted with movements, groups and self-production cooperatives of the Bolognese underground world, shooting his first experimental short movies: “Morendo” 5 min. Super 8; “Il bacio della farfalla allegra e violenta” 10 min Hi 8; “All’ombra del sogno” 30 min Mini DV; “Dimmelo” 10 min Mini DV. In 2002 he began a close cooperation with Paolo De Falco and Anna Paola Bacalov at the “Manifattura e Residenza per l’Arte” of San Cassiano, where he shot “L’acqua vive” 8’ Mini DV. The following year, with a group of architects, he founded the LUA (Laboratorio Urbano Aperto – Open Urban Laboratory), benefiting from the cooperation of several professionals (sociologists, psychologists, engineers, architects, agronomists, film-makers, musicians, photographers). The aim was that of interacting with local authorities, promoting the process of “Participated planning”. It is within such first Laboratory that he shot the documentary “Ritorno indietro” 10’ Mini DV, a work anatomysing the thought of old people, trying to understand how much of their memory and of their vital teachings can be passed on to future generations. Luciano Schito was the winner of the 2004 Award for the Best Documentary Film at the Salento Finibus Terrae of San Vito dei Normanni. He was also awarded the Menzione speciale at the IV Taglia Corto of Florence, supported by UNESCO In 2005, during his university years, he moved to Paris thanks to an Erasmus scholarship, where he attended the University of Paris VII and took part in the “Atelière de Réalisation-Fiction, apprendre à faire un film”, of Professor Anielle Weinberger. Within this programme he completed an internship in editing (FINAL CUT, AVID software). Still in Paris, he worked on the film “Tra la biancheria sospesa” 30 mins. Mini DV, on the theme of immigration. He graduated in 2006 with a dissertation in experimental cinematography: “The figure of the clown in Federico Fellini’s cinema”. Earlier on, his short movie “Amore frollo” 20’ Mini DV, won the 2006 DAMS Award in the Film/Cinema/Video section, awarded by the Rector of the University of Bologna out of over 400 works submitted by DAMS faculties’ students from all over Italy. After moving to Rome in December of the same year, Luciano Schito was admitted to the FarM Master’s Degree (Film Art Management, Arts and Cinema Business Management) at the “La Sapienza” University of Rome. With a specialisation in Production Management, ends the master with project work entitled "The film participated HD Cavo Netto ". Movie Produced in 2008 by the Department Mediterranean Region of Puglia and the City of San Cassiano di Lecce. For whose care screenplay, direction and organization of the set In November 2007 he shot “La cupola” 13 mins Mini DV, produced by the Associazione Visionaria of Siena. In July 2008 he began a TV experience as Assistant Director in the programme “Adolescenti istruzioni per l’uso” (“Teenagers, a user’s guide”), broadcasted by La7 and Discovery Real Channel, produced by Magnolia. From November 2008 to April 2009 he is Assistant Director on the set of the TV fiction “Le cose che restano” (“The things that remain”), produced by Angelo Barbagallo’s Bibifilm and by RAI 1, written by Stefano Rulli and Sandro Petraglia, directed by Gianluca Maria Tavarelli. Between May and June 2009 he produced and directed BAMBINO, 16-minute short film in competition at the “Ischia Film Festival” and “Cinemadare”. Work in production and as Location Manager at Panorama Films srl of Rome from January to June 2010. In June 2010, he produced and directed THE RIVA, short films on the crisis of Italian craftsmanship. From September to December 2010, is the 1° Assistant Director for the film TAGLIONETTO directed by Federico Rizzo, produced by Margaret Film srl. After working in Apulia Film Commission at the “Cineporto of Lecce” as an assistant to the general organization. In October 2011, is an expert video within the project: “International Youth Cooperation for Sustainability”, Mbour, Senegal. A November 2011 by the direction of the Media Workshop for young deaf in Ostuni (BR). In December of 2011 is the Italian Representative in the project of China-Europe on EVS - European Volunteering Service. BEIJING, CHINA. Is the expert video for Italian volunteers. In March 2012 he produced and directed BAMBOLONIA, short film on youth unemployment. In October 2012 he wrote, produced and directed GIOCODIMARE, short films on the life of a retiree.




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