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Balla Che Ti Passa

Italy, 2005, digital - Color - 92

Joseph Tito

Ines Nobili, Paola Lorenzoni, Silvio Oddi, Joseph Tito,

Silvio Oddi, Joseph Tito

Silvio Oddi, Joseph Tito


Balla Che Ti Passa (Dance Like No One Is Watching)Synopsis:Sebastian a young Canadian writer, finds himself alone in the beautiful country of Italy . He begins to write a film about the three things that scare him the most; solitude, unhappiness and love. When his characters begin to come to life Sebastian starts confusing what is real with the imaginary world that he has created. His world is full of crazy, sexy, heartbreaking, off the wall characters that portray their emotions through the movement of dance. Through his characters he learns that life isn’t always easy and at times one must compromise to succeed.

Joseph Tito, originally from Toronto, is the epitome of an artist. The producer, director, writer, and actor, fully embraces each creative aspect of his life. At the age of 15, Joseph started modeling which gave him the opportunities to travel and experience various cultures from New York and L.A. to Rome, Milan, Sicily, Spain and Korea. Joseph has modeled with top designers, such as, Dolce e Gabbana, Gucci, Prada and Chanel. Throughout his various encounters, he has recorded his thoughts by the use of his passion for writing.Joseph’s acting career started over seven years ago. He has taken intensive training with Bill Vincent, Kevin McCormick, Ron Leach, Sears and Switzer and Candice Mott. He was the lead in Dead All My Life (1999, directed by Julio Ponce Palmieri), Immortal (2003, directed by Joseph Tito), which appeared in various film festivals, Nothing Ever Changes (2003, directed by Joseph Tito), Enrico – Stay Close To Me (2003, directed by Nessa Chiara), Windows (2004, directed by Joseph Tito), Balla Che Ti Passa (2005, directed by Joseph Tito) and has appeared in various productions with ABC, City TV, Global and Showtime.In 2003 Joseph expanded his production company, JEO Productions, to Rome, Italy. There he completed Windows, his adaptation of Kellerman’s Windows, a short story by the late Timothy Findley whose estate funded the project. He has also directed Telepass a pilot for television and has been funded be the Minister of Health to direct a three part documentary of new methods of treatment for cancer (Brachy Therapy, Radio Surgery, and The Brain).Joseph’s enthusiasm with the written word has led to many opportunities. Joseph has completed a novel, Random Thoughts – A perception of life, that is soon to be released. This achievement has branched out into many projects based on the novel, including Being 20 Something, a television series, and primarily leading to a feature film titled Random Thoughts. All projects are written and directed by JEO Productions.Joseph Tito currently resides in Rome, and frequently travels to gain more experiences and understanding of people and life to recreate the world as he sees it.Article by: Josephine Houpt




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