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When the finger points at the moon

Germany, 2011, hdv - Color - 38 min

kenji ouellet

Lena Taege, Katja Keya Richter, Christian Mock, Kathrin Osterode, Agnieszka Dmochowska, Nora Hütz

kenji ouellet

Sabine Panossian, Nadja Kurtz

kenji ouellet

kenji ouellet

Przemek Ferus

Kenji Ouellet

Kenji Ouellet, Makis Penessis


An actress is caught in an archetypal world, governed by the compulsive, didactic mechanisms of the Hero’s Journey, of film conventions, of story-telling and acting rituals. Is happiness a longing for repetition?Without giving a simple answer or merely being parodistic, the film questions heroes, dominant narratives and exposes bared structures (some much older than cinema), which generate the story by themselves. It reflects on our desire for and pleasure in repetition, how cinema affects us and what it tries to teach us (hero stories being in essence didactic, moral tales).The choreographic aspect of stunts and their kinship with dance is made transparent, while they question cinema’s relationship to the human body and reflect on violence as a means of provoking the identification of the viewer.The film means to create through its distanced, minimalist aesthetic and acting an ironic reflection (or is it a dream) on what cinema does to us and how it carries messages.

Born in Quebec City, Canada, and based in Berlin, Germany,Kenji Ouellet first trained as a classical pianist (BA Music, Laval University, Quebec- MA Music performance, City University of New York). He graduated in Digital Art at the University for Applied Arts in Vienna and in Experimental Media Design at the University of the Arts in Berlin in 2007, where he became “Meisterschüler” in 2009. His work includes experimental, fiction and dance films, performances and media concepts for contemporary dance choreographies.His experimental Film Lektion 13 was awarded a 1st prize at the Media Forum of the Moscow International Film Festival 2006, the Grand Prix at the Kansk international Video Festival 2006 (Russia), 2nd Prize at the Alucine Festival (Toronto), 3d prize at the Videologia Festival (Volgograd) and special mentions at the Cologne Art Film Biennial 2005, the Strange Screen Festival 2006 in Thessaloniki, Greece and the Partouche Experimental Film Award (Le Havre Biennial, France). On Vienna, Love, Language and Forgetting (Exp. docu-fiction) received a “Special Achievement Award” at the Alternative Film/Video Festival, Belgrade (2008). Shown at the Rencontres Internationales Paris-Berlin-Madrid 2007, Strange Screen Festival 2008 (Thessaloniki), Nottingham Playhouse (U.K.). Montres Louis Maurcie (short film) received the First Prize of the (non) commercial Award of the Backup Festival 2008 in Weimar. Shown at B16 (Brno) and Budapest Shorts Festival (Hungary). Self cinema No 1 (Videoloop, 2008) became a Honorary Award at the Montijo International Biennial 2008 (Portugal) and was a finalist of the Celeste Kunstpreis 2008 (Berlin). Other showings: Eject 2 (Mexico City), Verbum Museum (Vigo, Spain), Escrita na Paisagem Festival (Evora, Portugal), Exist-ence Festival (Brisbane, Australia), Videoholica (Varna, Bulgaria), Instants Video (Marseille), Pixelpops (Paris).


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