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A Cry for Madiom

Canada, 2004, DV - Color - 63

Erez T Yanuv Barzilay

Madiom Madiok, 5 / Christine Nadori, Canadian Nurse, MSF-Belgium

Erez T Yanuv Barzilay

Erez T Yanuv Barzilay


It is a unique documentary. It’s a powerful and dreadful experience. A rare insight into an isle of desperate hope in the ocean of misery called “South Sudan”. A testimony, to the lives of some of the most unfortunate victims of Africa’s longest war and the few Westerners that came to their aid. Former Israeli television journalist Erez T Yanuv Barzilay witnessed the horrific situation in southern Sudan during two visits in 1993 and 1998. “These immense scenes of human suffering are haunting me to this day. Especially knowing not much has changed during the past 50 years. The misfortune has only spread to the adjacent Darfur region, a bit further north,” writes Erez in the non-narrated film’s closing remarks. Erez’ camera focuses on the fate of 5 years old Madiom Madiok and follows other starving victims as they try to get assistance from international humanitarian aid agencies. The camera also portrays Canadian nurse Christine Nadori in her impossible task of determining the most malnutrition affected children and infants to get into the emergency feeding program. Erez hopes that the attention recently granted to the Darfur region will generate some positive actions to stop the unbelievable suffering of the civilian population in the whole of southern Sudan.

Director/Producer/Writer Erez T Yanuv Barzilay is a Canadian, United States and Israeli trained former television journalist. Erez’ 20 years work has combined management of marketing and promotional campaigns, television production and programming, not-for-profit humanitarian projects and international journalism. During his unique journalism career Erez became the voice of the oppressed and misfortunate in many regions and societies worldwide. Passionate with reviling injustice Erez prompted affirmative actions from concerned individuals, relief organizations and government agencies, aimed at capacity building, long-term developmental aid projects. His determination and natural story-teller talent enabled Erez to initiate his own journeys to many remote and isolated areas, bringing out the stories of individual anguish and incredible human strength and resolve. Always seeking life saving and life improving solutions, Erez has constantly challenged governments and decision makers with the reality of their actions.




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