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Italy, 2011, Mini DV - Color - 15 minutes

Laura Cappellesso

Lucas Ribeiro Saraiva, Elisabetta Violante, David Lagerqvist, Anastasia Voronina

Laura Cappellesso

Laura Cappellesso

Laura Cappellesso

Sabina Bakholdina

Laura Cappellesso


The beautiful and enthralling city of the film powerfully lures its guests/audience to go through an experience which is both topographical, artistic and philosophical. Different realms of perception and reality will be crossed in an adventurous journey towards Knowledge and Beauty. Venice invites its travellers to trod its winding calli, to walk deeply into an aesthetically suggestive territory only to leave them deliberately in an aimless wandering, in a suspended place where any trace of the familiar world turns out to be desperately lost and where they are left facing meaningful walls. Bewilderment, helplessness, impotence, rage, fear become the overwhelming emotions… It is a maze. Even artists are caught by this alluring beautiful Venice, they are entangled in a desperate search for Beauty, in the straining effort of the creation process, towards the realization of a perfect work of art. From the darkness of blindness and impotence, from the pit of the devouring maze a way out is found (?). While slowly emerging out of the maze a new slow and quiet pace of the search/film matches the Venetian paths which now seem to be friendly. The final scenes are a praise to Knowledge, Beauty and the Perfection of Art – the topographical, artistic and philosophical levels thus harmoniously converge!

Laura Cappellesso graduated in Foreign Languages and Literatures at Ca' Foscari University of Venice, then she attended a professional Master's Course on Inter-Mediterranean Mediation travelling through Venice, Tours, Madrid and Paris. In 2000 she worked as an assistant to the cultural management at the "5ème Biennale des Cinémas Arabes à Paris" at the prestigious Institut du Monde arabe in Paris.After this experience she was charged with the organization and management of film events and series in Venice with Ca' Foscari University, the Municipality of Venice, more national universities and Venetian cultural associations ("ILA MISR, towards Egypt" (2003), "Scenes of cultural syncretism. Cinema and cultural exchanges" (2003), “MediTerraNapoli. Cinema and cultures in the Mediterranean” (2003), "The Islamic city - an itinerary between architectural and film spaces" (2002), "Images and Métissages. Cinema and cultural interactions" (2002), "Cinema in Lybia, Lybian cinema" (2002), "Mediterranean Migrations and Identities. Arab cinema perceptions" (2001). Her special focus was on Arab and identity cinema. She particularly focused her attention and analysis on Moroccan new wave cinema.She also worked on the filming and editing of didactic dvds for Ca' Foscari University of Venice. She attended various courses on video filming and editing in Venice. In 2010 she attended the “Film-making for Fieldwork” course at the Granada Centre for Visual Anthropology at the University of Manchester (UK). In 2011 she also participated in an artistic project organized by the Benedetto Marcello Conservatory of Music in Venice: “Workshop on music and digital technologies”. 12 VENEZIA is her first short film. It was selected at the VIDEOCONCORSO FRANCESCO PASINETTI, where it was awarded the “Cultural testimony” prize (“Intervista d’Autore”), in Venice, in May 2010. It was selected in competition at the SAN GIÒ VERONA VIDEO FESTIVAL, in Verona, in July 2010. It was also presented at the VENICE FILM MEETING, at the Lido in Venice, during the Venice Film Festival, in September 2010. She shot a video-interview, which was edited by Emanuele Turbanti: Rolando Segalin, el calegher (Rolando Segalin, the shoemaker) was awarded the “Young people talk about old people” prize at the FRANCESCO PASINETTI VIDEOFESTIVAL, in Venice, in May 2011. This video was screened at the VENICE FILM MEETING, at the Lido in Venice, during the Venice Film Festival, in September 2011. In 2011 she was involved in “Moving the city”, an artistic project organized by the Venice Biennale – Dance Sector (Arsenale della Danza), curated by the choreographer Ismael Ivo. This fruitful collaboration produced Amazeing Venice, her second short film!




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