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Spain, 2004, betacam sp - Color - 75 minutes

arturo cisneros

santi alba / mikel larramendi / arturo cisneros

arturo cisneros / dimas lasterra

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Date: 20th March 2003 Place: Baghdad… on this day the world looked on, flabbergasted, indignant and shaken, as the television showed the beginning of a war, a war that for many made no sense, a war that was in any case illegitimate. But the television did not show everything that happened in Iraq…A group of internationalists arrived in Baghdad a few days before the war began and some of them remained there throughout the bombing raids. Their vision of the situation serves as a link to relate a series of events that intermingle the faces - the named faces of some of the victims, the experience that the civilian population lived through a few days before the announced attack, but above all, the terrible consequences that these attacks have provoked on the Iraqi people and will continue to provoke for generations to come.A documentary narrated to a Hip Hop rhythm, in which current images are juggled with archive images; lights, shade and colours submerge us in a world in which reality is definitively more horrifying than fiction.With an original soundtrack including themes composed on an ad hoc basis by some of Spain’s leading rap artists, Frank T, Case O, Ari, Zenit… BAGDAD RAP will not, under any circumstances, leave the spectator indifferent.....

Arturo J. Cisneros Samper was born in Pamplona on August 1st 1969.In 1986 he abandoned his studies to start work.In 1994, together with a friend, he founded ARTSAIA S.L, a company offering special services to musicians and groups. The following years saw the expansion of the business and a school dedicated to modern music was set up, as well as a concert production company and the creation of a permanent concert venue.His work as a concert director includes the production of more than 500 shows and he is responsible for designing some of the biggest concerts performed in Pamplona and Navarre to date.In 1999, together with Dimas Lasterra, he co-produced the short documentary, “El Olvido de la Memoria” by Iñaki Elizalde, filmed in Albania, Serbia and Bosnia and nominated for the 2000 Goya awards in the category of ‘best short documentary’.In the year 2000, he began work on the production of a documentary on Iraqi Kurdistan about the international embargo, but the project had to be abandoned because safe conduct could be not be attained for entry to the area.In 2001, during the pre-production of a documentary on Afghanistan, in collaboration with ACNUR and UNICEF, with all the technical team and the necessary documentation prepared, two aeroplanes hit the Twin Towers and the project was paralysed, up until the present day.In 2001, he directed the production of Diego Fandos’s short film, “Ajoi, el triste Adiós”In 2003, he produced and directed the full-length documentary “BAGDAD RAP” filmed in Iraq, Jordan, the United States and Germany.




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