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China, 2010, - Color - 8

Sun Xun

Sun Xun

Xu Chong\Sun Xun

Jin Shan

Sun Xun


Un'antica leggenda cinese racconta che il primo imperatore della dinastia Qin inviò un tale Xufu e tremila giovani su una barca verso Est fino al Giappone al fine di trovare il rimedio per la vita eterna. In quei tempi la gente credeva che il mondo fosse una grande montagna poggiata sul dorso di una tartaruga, l'ultimo figlio del Dragone, il quale era in grado di sorreggere pesi poggiato su quattro grossi elefanti.

There is an old Chinese legend that says the First Emperor of the Qin Dynasty sent Xufu and 3,000 boys and girls on a boat towards the magic lands of the East in order to find the remedy for eternal life …. It is said that the boat reached Japan in the end.

Similarly, in ancient China, people had different understandings of the world; one says that people believe the world is a big mountain, and this big mountain is carried on the back of a big tortoise whose name is “bei xu”, the last son of the Dragon, who is also very good in carrying heavy weights whilst standing over four big elephants … this is the way the world has been structured.

The world of the Magician, who is the only legal lier, states the magnificence of the world of politics; in reality this is just a mirage, like an oasis, and the entire world is upside down; everything is a romantic wasteland and in this wasteland will the brightness people has so longed ever appear? Or do we need to turn all lies upside down….beyond-ism, how our lives should be?

Time has passed until now; I came to Japan for the art project at the Yokohama Art center. This artwork combines three parts; I realized the first part that comprises 10 huge ink drawings in Yokohama. In Beijing I realized the second part, which consisted in the video animation the scenarios of which are taken from Japan. The third part is a site-specific drawing I completed now in Nagoya.

This work is related to Japan, however the story comes from China.

Sun Xun si diploma alla scuola superiore dell’accademia di belle arti. Successivamente si laurea al Print-making Department dell’accademia cinese di belle arti nel 2005.
Ha vinto diversi premi come miglior artista esordiente al Chinese Contemporary Art Awards, al Taiwan Contemporary Art Link a ai premi della Fondazione Civitella Ranieri in Umbria.

SunXun’s Biography (selection)

1980 Born in Fuxin, Liaoning Province
2006 Established ‘∏’Animation Studio
2005 Graduated from Print-making Department of China China Academy of Fine Arts
2001 Graduated from Art High School of China Academy of Fine Arts
Solo Exhibitions(Select Solo Exhibitions)
2010 Beyond-ism, Yokohama Creativecity Center, Yokohama, Japan
Sun Xun: The Dark Magician of New Chinese Animation, REDCAT CalArts, Los Angeles, U.S.A
Sun Xun: Shock of Time, The Drawing Center, NY, USA

2008 Coal Spell, Platform China project space, Beijing

New China, Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, U.S.A.

2007 Mythos-SUN Xun Solo Exhibition, ShanghART F-Space, Shanghai

Exhibitions (Select Exhibitions)
2010 67th Venice International Film Festival, Venice, Italy

Thirty Years of Chinese Contemporary Art, Minsheng Art Museum, Shanghai
56th International Short Film Festival Oberhausen, Oberhausen, Germany
53rd SAN FRANCISCO International Film Festival,
San Francisco, U.S.A.
2009 2009 Festival Ars Electronica, Linz Austria

20th Sao Paulo International Short Film Festival, Sao Paulo Brazil
Shahzia Sikander & Sun Xun, Smithsonian Museum Freer and Sackler Gallery Washington, D.C. America
16th Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film 2009, Stuttgart Germany
55th International Short Film Festival Oberhausen, Oberhausen, Germany
31st Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival, Clermont-Ferrand France
2008 12th Holland Animation Film Festival, Utrecht, The Netherlands

IN-BETWEEN-Asia Video Art Weekend, Mori Art Museum, Japan

31st Norwegian Short Film Festival, Oslo, Norway

24th Hamburg International Short Film Festival, Hamburg ,Germany
54th International Short Film Festival Oberhausen, Oberhausen, Germany
2007 25th Torino Film Festival, Torino Italy

23rd International Berlin Short Film Festival, Germany

26th Uppsala International Short Film Festival, Uppsala, Sweden

China Power Station: Part II, Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art, Oslo, Norway
53rd International Short Film Festival Oberhausen, Oberhausen, Germany
2006 Second Shanghai Duolun Exhibition of Young Artists, Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art, Shanghai
Shadows Festival, Paris, France

2005 In the Deep of Reality: A Case of Chinese Contemporary Art, Basement Of Tianyu Apartment, Hangzhou, China
2004 2004 New Media Art Festival, China, China Academy Of Fine Arts, Hangzhou, China
Shanghai Duolun Exhibition of Young Artists, Shanghai Duolun Art Museum, Shanghai
2003 The Minority is Subordinate to the Majority, BizArt, Shanghai

2002 Shadow-XXX Art Exhibition, Qin Zhou Nan Road, Shanghai




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