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Inversely Awareness

Turkey, 2010, dvd - Black and White - 10

Ferhat Atik


Ziyaeddin Aylildiz


A girl trying to pursue her life recognizes the bad events going on in the world. From time to time the things that she is imagining just like watching a cinema are all real and happening and are affecting her. Very lately, like all others she understands that she needed to be sensitive. Her awareness makes her to shelter in some place. She is all alone and unstable. Her pessimism and the things happening around her, and the impulses of finding a place to shelter push her to meet with the religion. But this meeting is not an end of the real impulses so the faith is not a real faith and the awareness is not a real awareness. Finding a shelter is only a need for that time and the awareness that she had is not the real one. If a faith is not obtained with the consciousness it’s not accepted as the “faith”. Just like all other human being trying to live she tried to escape from the domination of the badness. Awareness of the “bad” makes her to shelter under the faith. Faith is no longer the real faith because while escaping finding a shelter does not understand a faith or the positive result of the awareness. Finding a shelter to hide while escaping is the opposite of the awareness. Its a new mistake…

Ferhat Atik was born 11th of August, 1971, in Nicosia, Cyprus. He studied in the field of economics and communication. He published three thousand posts and won prizes in various newspapers and magazines.He produced and hosted several television and radio programs in Bayrak Radio and Television, which are the North Cyprus State Radio and Television Corporation.He published over fifty Domestic and international media covering research and articles. He took place as a speaker and administrator in the same area nearly 40 conferences, seminars and workshops. He is a founding member of Poetry Society of Friends of the Israeli Friendship Association of Cyprus, Patients' Rights Association and Bright Future Movement.He became the first Internet Newspaper (Kimgazet) editor of Cyprus. During the same period constantly at Kıbrıs Newspaper and the Fourth Force Media, he published a lot of articles at local and international magazines, newspapers and internet publications, poems, essays and short stories; also edited variety of books.His first book, The Silk Road, a book of poetry was published in 1997 and second edition published in 2001. For the first time a novel feature about murder named “Autumn” was published in Cyprus in December 2006 by him.Since the establishment of the TRNC High Council of Publication he serves as the Coordinator. He has a column at Haberdar Newspaper and also has been a board member of Bright Future Movement. He is continuing education in Communication at a Doctorate level.Currently, Ferhat Atik continues scenario script writing for the series which will be shot for Toy Car and a new book of poetry which is prepared for printing, also capturing the ongoing operation of the two short films, feature-length movie script writing and he continues authored for a new novel.


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