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Finland, 2004, mini dv - Color - 15

Luigi Filotico

Peter Loewes

Luigi Filotico


This short film is a work in progress. Who mean that is the actual shape of a project supposed to became a 52 minutes documentary for television distributionThis 15minutes film presents Piero, a young man aged 24 from the small town of Manduria, located in the southern Italian province of Taranto. On returning home after two years of military service in Bosnia, Piero wanted to achieve his dream, regardless of the enthusiasm or scepticism of those surrounding him. Piero's dream is simply to convey and share with his audience the same emotions he experiences when he listens to the music of his favourite band, Queen. Piero decided to grow the same moustache as Freddie Mercury, the legendary lead singer of Queen who died of Aids in 1990, and to put together a tribute band capable of accompanying him whilst he sang the greatest hits of the British band. After a few successful concerts in the venues of his home town, Piero and his band White Queen soon began to perform in the surrounding villages. After only a few weeks, he became known by everyone as PieroQueen, a name that has stayed with him ever since. Piero's success over the last year has been extraordinary and proves his initial intuition: "If I put on a great show, people will come and watch me". Most recently, White Queen have performed an average of three concerts per week reaching up to 2500 paying spectators at a time.

Luigi Filotico was born in Brindisi in 1973 and currently lives in Marseille. He graduated in architecture from the Polytechnic of Milan and also studied photography at the Visual Arts Institution of Orleans in France. His stage directions include Amori di fine secolo by JulesRenard in 1995, Huis Clos by Jean-Paul Sartre in 1997 and Una pura formalità based on Giuseppe Tornatore in 1998. His directorial projects include institutional films (Bank of Luxembourg in 2001, Fund Market in 2002 and Vudafieri Partners for Kenzo in 2002) as well as self-produced short films: Città Invisibile in 1993, Un regard un franc in 1996 and Prima visione in 2000. In 2003, Luigi Filotico was invited by Italian film director and producer Edoardo Winspeare to direct La Caccia, one of six short films making up A Levante, a feature film to promote young Italian film talents.




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