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Chile Inside

Germany, 2009, DV/HDV - Color - 50

Daniela Wicke

Camila Luengo, Angelina Lopèz

Daniela Wicke

Ibrahim Karaman, Ingo Mende

Madlen Holz



Calyzz, Jaime Luengo, Julian Datta, Vitus Thalhammer

Daniela Wicke

Daniela Wicke



Camila and Angelina, two Chilean artists in their thirties, are living in Berlin. Under the Pinochet Regime, they had to flee from Chile with their parents who were actively operating against the dictatorship. With the help of humanitarian organizations, the families managed to escape further torture and possible death. They found shelter in Germany, but here too they had to confront racism and alienation. Very young and confused by the drastic change in their lives, Camila and Angelina grew up in Germany with double identities. They considered themselves children of exiled Chileans, but did not feel Chilean. They were in between two worlds- neither Germans nor Chileans. Despite lacking this sense of belonging, they have in many ways found a home in Berlin. And although the two young women share a similar destiny, they have never met each other. Last winter, they more or less simultaneously gave birth. The young mothers have begun to construct a nest in Berlin, but they are still searching for their real homes for their families: in Berlin or in Chile? They are torn between the past of their parents and the future of their own children.

2009-06 Author, director, producer „Chile Inside“ HDV, 16:9, Docu-Fiction (in postproduktion/ independent) 2008 Script„ Berlin-Drama“ (WT) /episodical film, 90 min. 2008 Certifikat as a scriptauthor, Interspherial Scriptschool, „Berlin-Drama“ Filmhaus Stuttgart 2008 Author, Director „Fritzi’s Berlin“, „Rachel in Europe“ Doku- series 40 min. Wine TV,L.A., Kabel Deutschland 2006 Author, Director Music clip „Lullaby“ (Band: Everkeen), Berlin, 4 min. 2006-05 Author „Children und Culture“ „Fun Factory“, 5 min., ZDF 2003 Author, Director„The Man and the watertower“ Short Film ( independent/Fiction) 20 min., Premiere Kino Central, Berlin 2001-97 Author, Director Short Films „Epsylon“, „Docoup X“ Media Class Kassel-Dijon, Green Slime, „Der Rausschmiss“K: J. Waldow Scool for Foto-Optik and Film SWOFF, Berlin 1999 Author Fashion- und Musicfilms, MTV und VIVAPRODUCTION – DISTRIBUTION2008-06 Producer„ Chile Inside“ HDV, 16:9, Docu-Fiction (in postproduction/independent) 2008 Productioncoordinator „Fritzi in Berlin“, „Rachel in Europe“ 40 min., Wine TV, Kabel Deutschland, Pay TV, U.S.A. P: Lorie Kim, L.A. 2007-05 Distribution Dokumentaries (arte, ZDF) to international TV-Buyers, Vidicom TV Hamburg R./P: Dr Peter Bardehle, Filmhouse, Berlin R/ P: N.Busè 2003 Producer „ The Man and the watertower“ Short Film, 20 min., BerlinASSISTANT DIRECTOR- ASSISTANT PRODUCER2006-05 PA. Dokumentary Filmproduktion companies NDR, arte, Vidicom TV, Hamburg Producer: Dr. Peter Bardehle 2005-04 PA + AD Dokumentary Films (30 min/60 min), soirée thématique arte, Filmhouse, Berlin R: N. Busè, Wolfgang Groh Berlin, Paris 2003 PA + AD „Concorde-Anatomy of a Disaster“, Discovery Channel P.:P. Bardehle, Hamburg, Paris 2002 PA Docu-Fiction „Fiesta Juana“, Havanna, Santa Clara P: C. Weisbrod, Prof, Filmklasse Kassel 2002 P.A: and AD „Heinrich der König“, ZDF, 37°, R. N. Busè 2001 P.A. „Anansi“ , Roadmovie 16 mm, 90 min, P: Herbert Rimbach, München 2001 AD „Nullen und Einsen“ Documentary, arte, R: N. Busè, Berlin 2001 1. AD commercial „ Kiss FM“, R. Nayer Paknia, Berlin 2000 1. AD „Candid Camera“, ZDF Hamburg, Berlin, Munich Millenium TV 1999 2nd AD „Berlin nights“ 90 min feature, R.: Gabriela Tscherniak 1999 Researcher for documentaries , Boomtown Europa, Grube & Dierks, Berlin 1998 PA „Move on up“ 90 min feature P. Lukas SchoenerWORKSHOPS- ATELIERS2008-07 1-year Scriptwriting-Training , Filmhaus Stuttgart ,D: Jörn Precht/scriptauthor, Oliver Mahn 2006 Dokumentary Workshop , Medienhaus Berlin 2002 AD - workshopMedienhaus Berlin, Monika Schopp 2001 Acting/ Tourist „Fiesta Juana“ (Docu-Fiction, 90 min), Cuba R: C. Weisbrod 1998-92 Acting workshops, Théâtre du Bélier, Avignon, R: Claude Merlin „L’image du mouvement“ Paris (Kantor/Schlemmer), actress „ Homenaje a Federico Garcia Lorca“, Taller Teatral Berlin, Anglo-Irish Theatre Group Tübingen, Actress „A short walk to the sea“




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