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Poland, 2009, 35mm - Color - 111

Maria Sadowska, Dorota Lamparska, Anna Maliszewska

Anita Jancia, Adam Woronowicz, Magdalena Czerwinska, Lukasz Simlat

Maria Sadowska, Dorota Lamparska, Anna Maliszewska

Jeremi Prokopowicz, Damian Pietrasik, Dominik Danilczyk

Krzysztof Raczynski, Jaroslaw Barzan, Lukasz Szwarc-Bronikowski

Ewa Jastrzebska

Munk Studio


"Demaquillage" is an omnibus film consisting of three episodes, in which young female directors portray contemporary life.Episode 1- Muza wakes up in a park, close to the statue of Chopin. She can't remember how she got there, nor can she find her car keys, so she decides to take the morning tram to her place. On her doorstep, she discovers that her house keys are missing as well. Consequently, Muza begins a long journey through Warsaw, searching for them.Episode 2- A thirty-something professional wakes up in his big city apartment, as he does every day. He gets dressed, has his coffee and is getting ready for work. In the hallway of his building he is suddenly stopped by an invisible line. On this peculiar day, leaving his apartment is as difficult as leaving a labyrinth.Episode 3-Natalia and Artur have been married for two years. They are in the process of renovating their very first apartment, when Artur causes an accident under the influence of alcohol. Natalia faces an eight year prison sentence, with him behind the bars, and her on the outside.

Maria Sadowska - director, singer, composer, producer . A graduate of the Academy of Film and Telelvision in Warsaw and Film&Television Directing Department of PWSFTviT in Lodz. Her student feature film entitled ‘Wings’ was shown at numerous international film festival such as: Moscow, Taipei, Bologna, Barcelona, Istanbul or Paris. Her other movies include: ‘Interrogation’, ‘A moment before…’, ‘A couple scenes from the life of an artist’, ‘Who am I still’, ‘Zmogus-Zuvis (‘Fish Man’) and ‘Love me a little…’Dorota Lamparska – film director, TV director, screenplay writer, graduate of the Slask Uniwersity Department of Radio and Television in Katowice. Her end of school film ‘There are these fresh girls’ was voted as the best Polish film at the IX International Student Film Festival in 2004, and won the public award at the III International Review of Student Films from International Films CDN. A member of the ‘Film Workshop at Andrzej Wajda’s Master School of Directing’ between 2003 and 2007.Anna Maliszewska – Learnt the art of film making through practice, and not in a film school. A graduate Warsaw University’s Journalism department. She has been active in the field of music and television for many years, helped to create MTV in Poland. She is the author and director of many of the channel’s spots and commercials. Some of them have been nominated for awards at Polish and International festivals. She is among the top Polish creators of music videos. Each year her works are awarded at music video festivals. In 2005 she produced a short film entitled ‘New Game: War’ which was presented at Warsaw’s Film Festival as well as at Darklight Festival in Dublin. She was part of the jury board at the 21st Warsaw Film Festival. She is also an author and director of a number of documentary films.




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