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bianco scarlatto

Italy, 2004, mini DV - Color - 72

Gabriele e Vittorio Magrì

Franco Nero, Antonella Pino, Enzo Dipietrangelo, Carmela Scarafile, Gabriele e Vittorio Magrì

Gabriele e Vittorio Magrì

Gabriele e Vittorio Magrì


"White Scarlet" is a dramatic-horror film inspired to the legend of the "Lady Leta", the ghost of a noble girl. Many centuries ago she was burnt in an oven, by her brothers. They killed her on request of their father, a rich land owner, because he didn't bear the relationship that the girl had with the son of the cobbler.This legend of the past is connected to a dramatic story of the present.South Italy 2004. A mentally retarded boy, Francesco, is isolated by his parents and even by his twin brother. Francesco has the extraordinary ability to see ghosts. The gost of "Lady Leta" helps and takes care of the boy in his difficult moments, specially when his father (in a depressed state) wants to kill him.

We are twin brothers Gabriele and Vittorio Magrì (08/03/1978). We live in Mesagne ( Brindisi , Italy) and we work in the field of cinematography special effects. We build masks, make-up and mechanical- electronic fantasy creatures. Artistic diploma in 1997.Collaborations with Sergio Stivaletti:“The phantom of the Opera” by Dario Argento (1998)“TITUS” by Julie Taymor with Anthony Opkins and Jessica Lange (1999)“Amor nello specchio” by Salvatore Maira with Anna Galiena (1999)“Scarlet Diva” by Asia Argento (2000)“Gostanza da Libbiano” by Paolo Benvenuti (2000)“Non ho sonno” by Dario Argento (2000)“Deep red” musical videoclip of Daemonia band. The music composed by Claudio Simonetti from GOBLIN (2000)“Pinocchio” by Roberto Benigni (2002). We built the model of the shark to study movements. (two metres long)“Il grande Bluff” tv show CANALE 5 run by Luca Barbareschi (two editions)“Scherzi a parte 2002” a bloody cut headAdvertising Spot:Wind: mask of the Cyclops Pickwick: lacerated shark (four metres long) Conto Arancio: giant pumpkinsPersonal working experiences:“FOREIGNERS“ by Gabriele e Vittorio Magrì (2002). Science-fiction digital film (110 min)“LA FORZA DELL’ABITUDINE” (2002) theatrical show by Alessandro Gassman. Mechanical lion paw (two metres long)“IL RITORNO DI CAGLIOSTRO” a film by D. Ciprì e F. Maresco. Growing old make-up on the actor Robert Englund (the famous Freddy Krueger in NIGHTMARE film series).“BROTHER-IN-LAW” a film by Alessandro Piva with Sergio Rubini and Luigi Lo Cascio (2003) Manikin untied of Luigi Lo Cascio for an explosion scene.“THE ANGEL AND THE HUNTER” by Giancarlo Planta with Franco Nero (gone out anticipated 2004). Angel’s wings, wound of fire weapons on Franco Nero, scars and launchings splatter effects.




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