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+ o -, il sesso confuso, racconti di mondi nell'era aids

Italy, 2009, - Color - 93

Andrea Adriatico e Giulio Maria Corbelli

Fernando Aiuti, Massimo Oldrini, Fiore Crespi, Alessandra Cerioli, Pol G, Thomas Trabacchi, Livia Turco,...

Andrea Adrtiatico e Giulio Maria Corbelli

Raffaella Cavalieri

Roberta Bononi con la collaborazione di Andrea Scano

Massimo Zamboni feat. Angela Baraldi

Diego Schiavo

Daniela Cotti e Monica NIcoli



A white seat. That neutral, recurrent and silent presence accompanies the weft of a documentary that wants to take stock of the situation on aIDS, the pandemic that has swept up our century. Not a disease like another, but a phenomenon that since the early years has exceeded the medical area, upsetting the customs. It created deep feelings of suspicion or solidarity and changed the way we interact. Today, after 25 years from the first cases, it is time to watch behind us to understand what has happened. how our society has changed? what has happened to a civilization infected by moods, pain and desperation, made by this virus? where do we meet and live aIDS? which place does it take in our existence? and finally: can this tragedy represent an opportunity for the humanity, too?

listening is probably one of the few things I feel I know how to do. Maybe because I am perpetually thirsty about stories and lives. Probably I am thirsty because I never have enough story inside me. So I’ve learned that you can use a camera, you can put a microphone, and sometimes, thanking to tecnique, you can fix new colours in the reality. To document. In this case the document is not aids. Nor the therapies. Neither the desease. But thoughts and emotions about the desease. and I think this is what really matters. like all the questions that aids is carrying on. Questions of life. Questions often about love. Questions about how a free virus can change perspective and course of existence. To document means to collect voices and faces that were been waiting to speak since a lot of time to give a sense to something that is apparently nonsense. andrea adriaticoa documentary to tell how aids has influenced last 25 years of our history, consciously or unconsciously. No disease before aids has created such a big reaction: fear, suspect, panic, but also solidariety, involvement, mobilization. feelings are shown extraordinarily in people life, but, as they are violently involved, also in people far away from virus. for example, someone can remeber that during the early years of aids age, some bars decided to give coffee in “throwaway” cups, and decided to get off common sugar-bowl. aids is hidden in elementary and apparently insignificant behaviours like these, infiltrated as a background rumour of our social relationships, getting souspicious, pulling apart what was in contact before. and it’s the same for sex: such a natural issue has been invaded by the need of protection, and a collective trauma hides behind this event, a trauma we need to analyse in order to better understand ourselves. Nowadays, when the paroxysm about the disease has calmed down and silence upraises showing all its danger, now it’s time to look back and try to understand why the consequences of this viral infection are even bigger than the tragic numbers that epidemiologists tell us. Now, a terrible event like aids can be useful to get consciousness. This Now, a terrible event like aids can be useful to get consciousness. This is the beginning of my work: to try to find in aids experience an opportunity we can’t waste. giulio maria corbelli




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