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Borges and I

United Kingdom, 2009, DV - Color - 75

Emily Harris & Yoni Bentovim

Tim Harris, Angus Lindsay, Sally Scott

Chris McColl

Tim Harris, Yoni Bentovim

Emily Harris & Yoni Bentovim

Shanti Manderidge

Malcolm Lindsay

Roland Heap

Emily Harris & Yoni Bentovim

Exec Producer: Rosa Russo


Through the use of a secret camera, an out-of-work actor tries to uncover the reasons behind his failing career and takes on an experiment to find out if it is possible to control how others perceive him.

EMILY HARRIS and YONI BENTOVIM are an award winning filmmaking duo. They began collaborating whilst studying at the London Film School and have continued to produce and direct many film projects together. Their films have been selected and won awards at international film festivals, including Tribeca, LA, Montreal, Split, Camera Image, Raindance, Aspen and many more. They have collaborated on projects with many important film figures such as Abbas Kiarostami (Palm D'or winner), Ashvin Kumar (Academy Award nominee), Larry Sider, Etgar Keret and Shira Geffen (Camera D’or winners) amongst others. They set up INDIVISION FILMS together in 2001 as a vehicle to make their own projects and have since produced several successful documentaries for broadcasters and festival shorts. BORGES AND I is their first feature. Yoni is also a published film writer with articles in prominent film magazines such as Film Waves and Cinemateque and teaches production at various colleges. Emily is also an accomplished film editor with several credits to her name including the critically acclaimed award-winning feature documentary Tovarsich, I Am Not Dead which she also co-produced.PRODUCERS/DIRECTORS OUT OF SIGHT OUT OF MIND (2009 – 25 min, documentary) Narrated by Juliet Stevenson, currently in post-production. Artivist FF LA BEYOND THE FOREST (2007 – 28 min, documentary) Co-produced by Academy Nominated Ashvin Kumar • Official Selection Cine Eco, MED Awards, Beyond TV FF, Artivist FF LA THREE TOWERS (2006 – 12 min, 35mm, fiction-short) Written by Camera D’or winners Etgar Keret & Shira Geffen • WINNER Grand Jury Prize Raindance Film Festival • WINNER Special Award Split Film Festival • WINNER Onda Corta Award Imago Film Festival • Finalist Montreal World Film Festival • Official Selection Tribeca, Aspen, L.A and over 20 more. • Purchased by France 3, PRÉMIO RTP2 in Portugal and SBS Australia TRUMPET (2005 – fiction-short) Produced & Tx by Channel 4 UK, made in collaboration with Abbas Kiarostami NOTES FROM RISHIKESH (2004 - 27 min, documentary) Produced & TX - Yes Il TV. BASS BABYLON (2004 - 8mm, fiction-short) Official Selection Zebra Award Berlin MACHINE (2003 - 16 min, 35mm, fiction-short) • WINNER Konard Wolf Award Munich Film Festival • WINNER Film of the Year Award London Film School • Official Selection Cologne Shorts, Camera Image, London Short Film Festival, Fest Tous Courts and 15 more. FAMILY FOUND (2002 – 15 min, 16mm, documentary) Music composed by John Zorn Screened at the American Folk Art Museum in New York, The Contemporary Art Museum in California, The Intuit Art Gallery in Chicago and more STILL LIFE IN BLUE (2002 – 4 min, 16mm, fiction-short) • WINNER Best Comedy Short @ Yahoo.Movies.com THE WISH (2001 – 14 min, 35mm, fiction-short) • Raindance Film Festival CO-PRODUCER/EDITOR (Emily Harris) TOVARISCH, I AM NOT DEAD (2007, 87 min documentary on general release in UK) • WINNER Best Film Biograph Film Festival • WINNER Silver World Medal New York Festivals Film & Video Trophy • Grierson Award Nominee for best cinema documentary • British Independent Film Awards (BIFA) Nominee best documentary




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