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Between Hip-Hop and Kalashnikov

Germany, 2009, DVCPro 50 - Color - 110

Stefanie Landgraf, Johannes Gulde

Stefanie Landgraf, Hans Melzer, Yasmin Gulde

Johannes Gulde

Johannes Gulde

Kambiz Giahi

Sebastian Simon

Stefanie Landgraf, Johannes Gulde

Terra Media Corp.

Terra Media Corp.


During the 1980s Stefanie Landgraf and Johannes Gulde short several docfilms about the Palestinians in refugee camps. Today, almost 30 years later, Yasmin, the daughter of the author, and the Hip-Hop-artist Enz take a trip to Lebanon and the West Bank with clips from the “old” films in their laptop. They contact participating people from the past as well as the young generation. How do they feel about their homeland Palestine today? Yasmin and Enz experience the Palestinian Hip-Hop-scene a creative way of resistance against occupation – instead of guns – words, music and theatre.

Filmo-BiographyStefanie Landgraf, director, and film author and Johannes Gulde, director, film author and cameraman. Since 1980 we produce documentary films and reports for the German Television and the channels abroad, information services and public relations of national and international organizations and authorities, teaching and science. The themes that stand in the foreground are the International Convention on the Rights of the Child, human rights, cross-cultural dialogue, women and family, tradition and modern age, ecology and technology transfer. Our reports are situated in all geographic regions with focal points in Africa, Asia and Middle East. We received the following film awards for Ernte unter Bäumen the award of the OCIC at the Film Festival in Berlin, Fragen an Nyabisindu by the Federal President the German Journalist Award for Development Aid Policy, Bonn We shall suffer no more the Bronzene Ähre at the Agrarian Film Festival in Berlin, Footprints of the Pallotines won the First Prize for the best documentary film at the International Film Festival ANIWA AFRICA, Accra/ Ghana. At the Television Workshops on Development Aid Policy we got a special recommendation for the films Geraubte Kindheit – Julio and Miquelena and In den Hügeln von Rwanda – Marguerite.Film selection: One day we shall return Palestinian youth in refugee camps, Lebanon/Syria Documentary 1980-82, 60’ Radio Denmarks, Cinema As border-crossers in the Holy Country A German peace-group visits Israel and the occupied West Bank Documentation 1988, 30’ ZDF Frauen ohne Schleier Struggle for equal rights, Pakistan Documentation 1996, 30’ ARTE/BR On va libérer – Wir werden alle freikommen Children in prison, Côte d’Ivoire Documentary 1998, 60’ ARTE Auf der Suche nach Marguerite A woman’s fate in Rwanda Documentary 1990-2000, 60’ 3SAT We, the Childworkers of the World The daily life of Wandé and Kadia in Mali, Mali/Senegal Documentation 2003, 45’ ARD/BR Fatih – Kennt Ihr meinen Namen? Child-worker in Benin Documentary 2003, 30’ 3SAT Maryam lives in Bagdad Fears and hopes of a 12-years old girl after war, Iraq Documentary 2004, 30’ 3SAT Der Fluch des Tötens Child-soldiers in Congo Documentary 2005, 30’ ARD Iraq – No Peace without Justice Victims and aggressors of the Saddam regime, Iraq Documentary 2005, 45’ 3SAT/International Filmnet N.Y. Gottes verfolgte Kinder –Christen im Irak Dokumentation 2008, 45’ ARD/BR




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