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Amour, sexe et mobylette

France, super 16 - Color - 95 min

Maria Silvia Bazzoli e Christian Lelong

Maria Silvia Bazzoli e Christian Lelong

Christian Lelong

François Sculier


Maria Silvia Bazzoli e Frederic Bassolé

Christian Lelong

Cinedoc films e Fechner Media

Cinedoc films


How do people fall in love today in Africa, when they are 20 years old, 40 years old, 60 years old? How is desire expressed, how is sexuality organised, how are the core and family cohesion which are central to any society crystallised?Ousmane is 20 years old. He has a romantic mind and his heart is overflowing with love since he has met Balie, a year ago. They were love-struck but since then have only met twice. She lives in Ougadougou and he does not have the means to leave Koupéla, the small “white granite” town, 137 km East from Ougadougou, where he lives. They have telephoned each other a few times. Even that is beyond Ousmane’s financial means, but does not prevent him from thinking of her and writing her poems and love-letters…Jean Marie Zegmoure, a healthy 60-year old, lives with his wife and their children on a large concession. They met when she was 16 and he was 26. They have shared a life of love “until death us do part”. It is still dark when the family awakes. Jean Marie says goodbye to his wife then prepares his equipment and hops on his old bicycle to go and fish at the dam not far away…In the mean time downtown a loud-speaker announce a special evening organised by Cinomade with free projections and debate on “Love sex and Aids”. A few moments later, a temporary giant screen is set up. And the team is in the streets interviewing people with small video camera, whose opinions will be screened in the evening…It’s the day before Saint Valentin’s day and Radio Kourita has launched a competition open to all those in love. Budding authors or established poets, young or old, men or women, from all horizons and origins will come on to publicly declare their love, their dreams and their sorrow, their worries and their hope…Tomorrow, on the lovers’day, a great concert with the star of Burkina’s music Yoni will be held in Koupela. All young people look forward to going… All but Ousmane, who has left to join Balie…These exalting and ordinary stories of love could take place in any little town all over the world or even in our own town, but they are here in Koupéla, in Africa. It is this little town in Burkina Faso which, for a few days, is going to become the theatre for meetings and wonderful and ordinary tales, the kind which make and break our lives. Tales which make us smile and cry as they talk about who we are and how the fundamental and haphazard uncertainties of all our stories are both essential and universal.

Maria Silvia Bazzoli was born in Verona (Italy) in 1961. After studying at DAMS in Bologna, she began researching contemporary African theatre in Zaire and Zimbabwe. Returning to Italy, she worked as a freelance journalist and cinema critic for the radio and written press (Nigrizia, Il Diario, Cineforum, Filmcritica, Il ragazzo selvaggio, Panoramiche...). From 1996 to 2006, she directed the Visioni d’Altrove festival in Udine and collaborated in the programme of several festivals in Italy and Africa. Among others, she produced a retrospective on Egyptian cinema for the Torino Film Festival (2001) and a retrospective on African animated cinema for the Cinema Africano Festival in Milan (2003). “Amour, sexe et mobylette” (Love, sex and mobylette) is her first film.Christian Lelong was born in Paris in 1954. He studied African anthropology at EPHE (Sorbonne), Berber at INLCO and cinema and anthropology in Nanterre. He went to Niger in 1975 and Mali the following year. Then he settled in Haute Savoie where he founded Cinédoc in 1993, a place of training, production and documentary programming. In 2003, with Pierre Mortimore, he produced his first feature film, “Agadez Nomade FM”, which was introduced at the Forum of the Berlin Festival the following year. He has produced several documentaries including “Justice à Agadez” (2005) (Justice in Agadez) and “Avec Damouré Zika, un acteur au pays de nulle part” (2006) (With Damouré Zika, an actor from nowhere in particular). “Amour, sexe et mobylette” is his second feature film for the cinema.Currently, they are producing a second documentary on the pioneer of Nigerian cinema, Moustapha Alassane.




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