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Behind the Intentions

Israel, 2008, dvcam - Color - 49

Ayelet Bargur

Dudu Izchaki

Rachel Yagil

Misha Segal

Erez Eini

Chaim Sharir

Yezira Ivrit


In 2006, the Israeli-Palestinian Bereaved Families for Peace and Reconciliation (PCFF) decided to initiate a TV series which would convey the message of reconciliation and peace between Israelis and Palestinians. The inspiration for the drama came from the TV series "Roots" which changed the perception of African-Americans in the US. The members of the PCFF approached the producer Chaim Sharir, the director Uri Barabash and the script-writer Ronit Weiss Berkowitz and the outcome is the TV series "Good Intentions" which was screened on Channel 2 (Reshet) during the summer of 2008. The documentary film "Behind the Intentions" illustrates the connection between the PCFF members who have all lost an immediate family member due to the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the drama that is portrayed in the TV series.. The two narratives intertwine to create one film where drama turns into reality and reality into drama.

Ayelet Bargur graduated in the Camera Obscura School of Art (1996) in Film department, and has an MA degree Tel Aviv University (2008). In 1997 her graduation film A Good Place to Be was part of the official selection in the Short film Competition in the Cannes International Film Festival, and received several International prizes in Montpellier International Film Festival, Chicago and Mexico. Since then she is directing Fiction and Documentary films. Her documentaries and feature films are presented in international film festivals around the world and were granted with various awards. Ayelet Bargur’s Documentary films: “ At the End of the Day” (2000), “ Children of the Night” ( 2001),”A letter to A boy no Longer With us” (2003) “ Day by Day” (2004), “ Israeli in Berlin”(2004), “ Intel Inside, Where?” (2005) reflect Israel from her personal point of view. Bargur’s Short feature film As if Nothing Happened (2000) received first prize at the Jerusalem International Film Festival, and was nominated to the Israeli Academy Award for short features. The Mixed genre film (Documentary and Fiction) The film” The House on August Street “ (2007) Based on her book “ Ahawah Heisst Liebe” (published by DTV, Germany, 2006) won 2nd prize in the Haifa International Film Festival, The Grand Prix for Best Documentary in the European Prix Circom Award’s, and is nominated for best Documentary film 2008 in the Israeli Academy Awards. She is currently working on two other feature screenplays; BORDERLINE, in collaboration with screenwriter Noa-Berman Herzberg supported by The Israeli Film Fund (participated in the MFCB workshop, Cannes Film Festival, 2007); Saving Mika, in collaboration with screenwriter Shlomit Lasky (received Development Grant from the Israeli Film Fund, 2008). Bargur is living in Tel-Aviv, Teaching Film in Kibbutzim College of Education, The School of Arts and Technology.




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