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Capital: Impressions of Early Empire

United States, 2004, DVCAM & Mini-DV - Color - 69

Leigh and Jason Morfoot

Catherine Steindler, Rajiv Punja, Mireille Themo, Jon Budinoff, Greg Keller, Veronika Vogt, Maria Markasov


Leigh and Jason Morfoot

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Capital: Impressions of Early Empire is a new approach to documentary, which uses form to interrogate concepts such as truth and reality pioneering a fresh way to frame and comment upon ideas of globalization, civil disobedience, and the role of media at the turn of the 21st century. The doc tracks film director, Leigh Morfoot, as she injects her cast and crew into the live setting of a heated, economic protest. Seven actors inhabiting the characters of a cross-section of Washington D.C. twenty-somethings improvise their actions and reactions as they navigate a city under siege.

Jason Morfoot BioLeigh and I began making movies in 1997, co-producing Sleepless In Atlanta: Urban Camping In The New South: a 22-minute portrait of Atlanta's homeless population in the midst of dealing with the criminalization of lying down in a public space.In early 2000 we embarked upon our first feature length project. What became Capital: Impressions Of Early Empire was an often unwitting education in filmmaking. We brought 30 people (10 actors, 20 crew members) to Washington D.C. to make a film during roughly 48 hours of a WTO/IMF protest. Four years later, almost to the day, we locked the picture. It was recently selected to participate in the Paris/Berlin International Meetings. We are submitting to and waiting to hear from several other festivals.While completing Capital, I worked a variety of freelance jobs including shooting and editing a documentary about Public Housing in Chicago. Dislocation: Transforming Chicago Public Housing is currently in post-production and marks 22 life changing months getting to know a little bit about the South Side.I have a B.A. in History from Trinity College and J.D. from Emory University.Leigh Morfoot BioCurrently, I production manage the multi-media production group, Science Bulletins, for the American Museum of Natural History. I shape and maintain the production schedule and finances for a team of deadline-driven, creative individuals who produce and distribute educational, science content for museums nationwide. The project is funded primarily by NASA, as well as the Museum and Toyota.While Jason and I directed/produced the feature documentary, Capital: Impressions Of Early Empire, I worked as Office Manager for Maysles Films. At Maysles I gained exposure to all aspects of documentary production and was deeply influenced by their direct-cinema approach. Capital has recently been selected for inclusion in espace de consultation (a video library) in the Recontres International Paris/Berlin, Art-Action, cinema and contemporary art festival.I earned a B.A. in African American Studies and English Literature from the University of Virginia and am in my final semester in the Media Studies Masters program at the New School University. I am the mother of two boys, Max and Gus.




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