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3 Saisons

Canada, 2008, HDV - Color - 100 mins

Jim Donovan

Carinne Leduc / Romano Orzari / Shawn Baichoo / Caroline Neron / Frank Schorpion

Jim Donovan / Carinne Leduc

Jean-Pierre Gauthier

François Normandin / Jim Donovan

Elise Landry

Marie-Geneviève Cyr

Laurent Eyquem

Kyle Standfield / Guillaume Boursier

Sandy Martinez / Maude Bouchard / Bruno Rosato / Jim Donovan

Alliage 3 Entertainement Inc.



Three stories unfold over the course of 9 months.Two couples live at extreme opposites of each other, yet they share one commonality: an unexpected pregnancy. Carmine and Sasha live in a comfortable world where the arrival of a child should be a time that fills them with joy. Instead, it blows their bourgeois house of cards to the ground. Behind the facade of their ultra-chic condo and their high-flying careers, hides a couple that is in pain, two human beings living with secrets and lies that have, unfortunately, multiplied with time.Justine and Seb are freedom seekers that live day by day on the streets of Montreal. These two young squeegee-punks are hoping for better tomorrows. Their violent relationship makes getting an abortion the obvious choice.Stephen Decker is a 50-something father who has lost everything, his wife, his only child, his peace of mind. Now he has found a new purpose for his life: revenge. This quest brings him from Calgary to Montreal as he desperately hunts down his daughter’s murderer.Five destinies converge, not only in blood and suffering, but also in hope, love and rebirth.

30 years ago Jim stole his mother’s super-8mm camera and kidnapped his kid brother to make his first film, aptly titled... Kidnap ! It should be mentionned that this was in Los Angeles in the late 70’S and that every aunt and uncle who came to visit the family insisted on visiting Universal Studios. Drafted as one of the official tour guides, Jim’s childhood has been tinted ever since...Flash-forward – the mid nineties- Nirvana is on the FM, MTV and Muchmusic are the latest thing. The internet is still for university professors... and Jim, fresh out of film school, has been shooting music videos and a few spots in his home town of Montreal. The work is getting noticed and a few awards follow, but still the film obsession won’t quit, and Jim sets his sights on doing some short films and TV, anything that remotely satisfies the film bug.The TV work takes hold, and Jim is soon finding himself having to juggle between international spot work for clients such as Y&R Damaris in the Dominican Republic, Cossette, Publicis and others back home-- and riding the wave of TV assignments for networks such as CTV, Fox Family, Nickelodeon, Discovery, The N, Showcase and TVA to name a few. He earns a nomination for Best Direction in a comedy series for Naked Josh 2 at the 2006 Gemini Awards.2004- Jim finishes and releases pure (www.purethemovie.com), a feature film that will earn him a nomination for Best Direction at the 2005 Director’s Guild of Canada Awards. He tours with the film at several festivals in Canada and internationally, including Calgary, Edmonton, Los Angeles, The Festival of New Cinema in Montreal and the INDIE festival in Brazil.Recently in late 2006, after receiving a development grant from the Canada Council for the Arts, he writes his next film project, this time in French and English, called 3 Saisons (www.3saisonslefilm.com). This project he also produces and co-edits, as well as directs. It will premiere at the 2008 Festival of New Cinema in October before hitting the festival circuit.Jim has come a long way from those super 8 films made with his little brother. But something of that California sun remains imprinted in his DNA. He is more than ever interested in the power of creative ideas and the empowerment of digital technology. He considers the world a fantastic playing field and collaborators friends that make exploring that playground possible.




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