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Canciones de amor en Lolita's Club

Spain, 2007, 35 MM - Color

Vicente Aranda

Eduardo Noriega, Flora Martínez, Belén Fabra, Héctor Colomé, Carla Sánchez, Sonia Madrid, Vicente Gil

Vicente Aranda

Teresa Font

Cristina Rodríguez

José Nieto

Andrés Vicente Gómez



Mafia, prostituzione, violenza, droga e riciclaggio di denaro sporco fanno da sfondo alla storia di Raul e Valentin, due gemelli con due vite diverse: Raul è un poliziotto violento processato per la sua brutalità, che si trova nel mirino dell’Eta e dello sfruttamento della prostituzione. Valentin, suo fratello, soffre di una malattia mentale ed è innamorato perdutamente di una delle prostitute del club dove lavora come tuttofare.Raul Fuentes, a violent police officer who works in Vigo is placed on unpaid leave after he has beaten, Moncho Tristan, the son of a local drug trafficker. Mazueras, a snitch from the drug mafia ring, tells Raul that members of the drug clan are looking for him to kill him. Mazueras strikes a deal with Raul. He would give him some documents that prove the involment of the Tistran family in drug trafficking and prostitution if Raul reveals the story after he has left the country. Raul rejects the deal violently. He decides to leave the incident on hold and travels to Alicante where his family lives.Raul visit, the first in two years, takes his family by surprise. His strange father, Jose. is not thrill to see his son, who has always been cold towards him. Olga, Jose’s wife, has always been secretly in love with his stepson who she had met even before she met her now husband. Raul is not close to his family with the only exception of his twin brother Valentin, who is mentally disable and is the opposite of his brother, sweet, soft and well liked by everyone. When Raul finds out that his brother is working in a nightclub and has falling in love with one of the prostitutes he gets very upset and follows him. In Lolitas’s club he meets, Milena, the prostitute that is his brother love interest. The relationship between Milena and the two brothers is further complicated with the links that the policeman and the prostitute have with the mafia.

Vicente Aranda (born on 9 November 1926 in Barcelona), is a Spanish film director, screenwriter and producer. Due to his refined and personal style, he is one of the most renowned Spanish filmmakers. He started as a founded member of the Barcelona School of Film and became known for bringing contemporary Spanish novels to life on the big screen. Aranda is famous for exploring difficult social issues and variations on the theme of desire that employs the codes of melodrama.Love as uncontrollable passion, eroticism and cruelty are constant themes in his filmography. The frank examination of sexuality is one of the trademarks of his work as can be seen in his most internationally successful film: Amantes (1990) (Lovers). Vicente Aranda Ezguerra was born in Barcelona on 9 November 1926. He was the youngest son of a family who emigrated from Aragón to Barcelona twenty years before he was born. The Spanish Civil War, in which his family took the side of the losing Republicans, marked his childhood. Since very young he had a number of different jobs in his home town until he emigrated to Venezuela in 1952 for economical and political reasons. He worked there as a cargo technician for an American shipping business and later became responsible for programs at an important electronic company. After seven years, he came back to Spain in 1959. Returning with the firm desire to be a film director, he tried to enter the School of Cinema in Madrid but since he never graduated from high school he could not apply. He moved to Barcelona and completely self-taught, Aranda found the way to direct his first feature film. Vicente Aranda is married to Teresa Font, his second wife, editor of his movies since the mid 80s; they have two daughters.




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