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A buscar la vida

Italy, 2007, mini DV - Color - 32' 07''

Lucio Arisci

Lucio Arisci

Philippe Afantchawo

Lucio Arisci

Artistas Cubanos nominados al Grammy

Stefania Menegatti

Associazione Culturale Narramondo


The movie tells Cuba through pictures, music, documents, interviews, history. Many Cubans asked me to observe and report the everyday troubles, their fears and pride, their unbelievable wish of life with no personal opinions. On the other side there is a long interview with Juan Carlos Aguilera from the Cuban Communist Party's International Relations office. I dreamt about a Palestinian who arrives in the island, hugs the Cubans one by one and says: “Come on, don’t give up you are going to win this war!”Director’s statement As an author I am very interested in burning issues. I want to tell stories that need to be shouted despite of media’s indifference. I always try to work as a witness, trying to catch the reality. Working on this documentary on Cuba I felt the impossibility to take a part. There is not a right side nor a wrong side in Cuba.

I was Born in Rome on December 13th, 1969 and I graduated in Modern Languages (Russian, Spanish and English). In 1991 and 1992 I studied acting and direction at the Moscow GITIS. From 1993 to now, I participated as an actor in more than 25 theatrical performances and movie/tv’s productions. I was directed by the following directors: Luigi MAGNI, Giuseppe PATRONI GRIFFI, Marco MATTOLINI, Giorgio BARBERIO CORSETTI, Luciano MANUZZI, Marco PUCCIONI, Fabio IAQUONE, Michael DOCEKAL, Richard NELSON, Gabriele SALVATORES. In 2001, I founded the Cultural Association Narramondo (www.narramondo.it) and attended a professional editing workshop at Proxima (Cinecittà Studios Rome). Thanks to a co-production between Narramondo and Bristol Videomaker, I shot my first movie: “QUEL 24 MARZO” a docudrama to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Nazi-fascist massacre of Fosse Ardeatine. I was the author, director and co-editor (2004). This movie was selected at the ITT Festival of Rimini, Italy and reviewed by the American writer Robert Katz and by the Italian magazine FMM (Film Maker Magazine) From July 2004, I work as a producer for the News Bulletin of LA7 TV, an Italian national broadcaster. I also worked for others cultural programs of the same TV Channel: Ottoemezzo, L’infedele, Effetto Reale, Sfera, Omnibus. October 2005 SPAIN/MOROCCO. I was producer and editing assistant for the reportage “Beyond the net” for the program Effetto Reale. It was focused on the immigration emergency in the Spanish enclave of Melilla. January 2006 CHILE. I was producer and editing assistant for the reportage “L’altra metà del Cile” – The other side of Chile - for the program Effetto Reale. It was focused on presidential elections and women’s role in Chile. October 2006 - April 2007 CUBA: “A BUSCAR LA VIDA” documentary movie on the current situation in the Caribbean island.




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