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La dolce Eleonora e l'amaro calice (Sweet Eleonora and the Bitter Cup)

Italy, 2007, miniDV - Color - 29 minutes

Emilio Audissino

Eugenio Ripepi, Giorgia Brusco, Gianni Oliveri, Antonio Carli, Victor Mella

Marco Vallarino, Emilio Audissino

Gianni Languasco, Elena Languasco

Emilio Audissino

Francesca Cugusi

Aurora Cataldo

Emilio Audissino

Riccardo Etiopia

Marco Vallarino (executive)

Associazione ERGO SUM


Marco, a slight fashion journalist, meets in the exclusive Yoshiwara Club, the most beautiful girl he has ever seen: Eleonora. After a very brief court she accepts his dinner invitation for the next night. Marco takes her in a peculiar restaurant where medieval setting meets exotic cuisine. Everything seems perfectly all right for a nice dinner and a fabulous after-dinner! Marco starts flirting and talking romantic, but Eleonora does not want corny words but a promise from him: not to run away in the next half hour. Marco, though puzzled - he is having dinner in a beautiful spot with a gorgeous girl: nothing to be afraid of! – promises he will not leave the restaurant for anything. What is going to happen in the next half hour? No explanation from her. The more she talks, the more mysterious and threatening she becomes. And she is not joking. A nameless menace looms on.
Half hour later, the mystery is unveiled: Rocco, a huge fierce goon who claims he his Eleonora's boyfriend, enters the restaurant and tries to scare Marco away. Despite he feels “like a doll's house in front of a Manhattan skyscraper”, Marco decides to stay, thus risking his own life, because “I had a promise to fulfil, much to my regret...”. The expected exciting romantic dinner turns into the most dreadful nightmare. Comedy, noir, suspense just ahead!

Marco -un giornalista - incontra Eleonora alla rutilante festa di inaugurazione di una discoteca. La ragazza è troppo bella e fascinosa per essere vera, Marco gioca tutte le sue carte e, dopo un breve corteggiamento, riesce a farle accettare un invito nel ristorante più alla moda della città. Che naturalmente è abbastanza buio, con arredi finto-medioevo, insomma suggerisce un'atmosfera abbastanza inquietante da far uscire dalla bocca di Eleonora la non meno inquietante domanda: «Prometti di non scappare per la prossima mezz'ora?» Naturalmente Marco accetterà la sfida e...

Director, screenwriter, editor, music composer. Emilio Audissino was born in Imperia, Italy, in 1981. He got a Bachelor of Arts Degree from University of Genoa with a thesis on childhood in Steven Spielberg’s filmography, then a Master of Arts Degree in Film Studies from the University of Turin with a thesis on John Williams’ film music. He got a Master of Arts Management from the University Luigi Bocconi School of Management in Milan. He has been a filmmaker since 1991, both shorts and feature films, and had many public screenings of his narrative works: 1995 (Gulper), 1998 (CHR), 2002 (Il club degli scapoli - The Bachelor’s Club) and 2004 (Davanti al mare – Looking at The Sea, selected for the 2004 Genoa Film Festival). He has also made documentaries and TV spots. He had work experience in television production (TELENOVA – Milan) and in film production (THE FAMILY – Milan). In 2007 he was hired by Associazione ERGO SUM as director, screenwriter, editor, composer of La dolce Eleonora e l’amaro calice – Sweet Eleonora and The Bitter Chalice, short film to be premiered in September 2007.
He is a scholar and collector of Film Music and is specialised in Hollywood film history.




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