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Between Heaven and Earth

Palestine, Nov 2019, Arri Alexa - Color - 93min

Najwa Najjar

Mouna Hala and Firas Nasser

Najwa Najjar

Tomas Tomasson

Elisabet Ronaldsdottir

Tamer Karawan

Michael Shillings

Hani Kort Palestine in coproduction with Luxembourg and Iceland

Aroob Hamed

Ustura Films


Between Heaven and Earth is a fictional movie loosely on true events which resonate even more loudly today with the increasing racism worldwide, and the upcoming annexation of more Palestinian land :In 1974 - three Palestinian leaders were assassinated in Beirut leaving behind their children. In 1949 - Hundreds of Mizrahi Jewish babies brought to Israel, went missing.These events are intricately linked into a a love story about divorce in 2019 .. this is the story of Between Heaven and Earth.The story: Salma wants to divorce TamerThe film revolves around the divorce of a Nazareth-born Salma from Tamer, the son of a famous Palestinian intellectual revolutionary killed in Beirut, and the complications that arise from the fact that they hail from either side of the Green Line.Salma and Tamer have been married for the past five years and living in the Palestinian Territory. The first time Tamer is ever given a three day permit to cross the Israeli checkpoint, is to file for divorce in the courts of Nazareth. At the courthouse they are confronted with a staggering discovery about Tamer's father's past.The secret hidden for years about his father's affair with an Iraqi Jewish woman in the 1950's sends Salma and Tamer spinning on an emotional road trip exploring the loss and betrayal of the past, and of their land and themselves. With only 72 hours on hand, they must find the father's lover to get the needed documents before Tamer's permission expires, and they must return to the West Bank.It's a story of women, women who dare to take matters into their own hands and carve their destiny.Featuring women singers from around the Arab world.

Biography Writer/ Director Najwa Najjar received her BA in Political Science and Economics, MA in Film/ Video Production (US) She established her company Ustura films with her partner and producer Hani Kort in Ramallah, Palestine in 2000, and in 2012 they opened another branch in Amman, Jordan. A speaker on numerous panels on cinema and a Jury member of several International Film Festivals, she has given numerous Director’s Masterclasses. She has reviewed books, and her articles on Palestinian cinema have been published. She has been a reader for the Rawi Sundance Lab for Arab scriptwriters and has been an advisor for the Rawi Sundance Scriptwriter’s Lab. She is working on a workshop for Palestinian and Syrian refugees in Jordan and Lebanon interested in filmmaking. She lives in Palestine.Filmography Najwa Najjar has worked in both documentary and fiction since 2000. Her critically acclaimed debut was the feature film Pomegranates and Myrrh (2009). Her second award winning feature film Eyes of a Thief (2014) won Best Director and Best Actor awards, among many others, and was the Palestinian nomination for the 2015 Oscars Best Foreign Film and the Golden Globe Awards. Her third feature film, a road trip: Between Heaven and Earth completed Nov 2019 played at the Cairo International Film Festival international competition, and won the Naguib Mahfouz Best Screenplay award. Previous work include several award-winning films also shown worldwide (Berlin, Cannes, Locarno, Hamptons,) : Yasmine Tughani (2006) , Naim and Wadee’a (2000), Quintessence of Oblivion(2001), Blue Gold (2004), A Boy Called Mohamad (2002), and They Came from the East which opened the 2004 European Academy Awards. Najjar produced a collection of short films by international filmmakers Gaza Winter (2009). Najjar in now in development for her forth feature Flowers on the Nile to be shot in Cairo, and is involved with 5 other established Palestinian filmmakers in a collective piece on the absurdity of life in their country.




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