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Iran, 2020, full hd - Color - 12 mintues

Saeid Nejati

Saeid Nejati - Fatemeh Ashari

Arman Fayyaz

Saeid Nejati - Emad Khodabakhsh

Majid Nejati

Saeid Nejati - mahdiyeh gholamhosseini

Saeid Nejati


At the height of a marriage dispute .in the absence of this wife , a father encounters the first experience of this daughter's period.

this is Saeid Nejati . Born 1981 in ARAK - Iran. Graduated MFA, Film Studies, Soore University of Tehran.Making 15 fiction and experimental short films . Since 2006Teaching Cinematography, Historyof Cinema, and Aesthetics of Editing in Tehran Young Filmmakers Society and Soore University of Tehran &University of Art & Culture . Since 2006 Making over 150 documentaries, teasers, and music videos for governmental and nongovernmental organizations . Participating in over 110 films as set designer , cinematographer, editor, and production manager Member of jury in international and national festivals such as : Tehran International Short Film Festival 2015 – iran , Olympiad Film Department, thirty-second Tehran International Short Film Festival 2015- iran , 19’th international izmir short film festival 2018- izmir – turkey , 15’th international short & independent film festival DHAKA 2019 – Bangladesh _DHAKA, Director of 14th razavi short film festival 2020- Iran Holding MASTER Class such as : 1- Directing kids and teenagers and global rules for work wih kids and teenagers in cinema (32’th International Film Festival for children and youth – Esfahan- Iran _2019) 2-experimental cinema 3- short film from idea to final cut 4- structure in cinema 5- aesthetics in cinema 6- concept of time in cinema…. Member of the short film association compilation of Book " Dancing with the dust" _The Aesthetics of Abolfazl Jalili’s Films through Neoformalism" _ 2019 Awards: Over 100 National and International Awards such as : 1- Statue of the best Film for “it rains slowly (6th Nepal Human rigthts Intrnational film festival" 7 – 10 Mrch2018،) 2- Statue and Diploma the best patriotic film for “it rains slowly” (international youth filmfestival – kazan - 2018) 3- jury mention for short film for “it rains slowly” (21th international religion today film festival - italy -2018 ) 4- special mention in memory of Davide zordan (for “it rains slowly” (21th international religion today film festival- italy - 2018 ) 5- Statue and Diploma the best short film for “DABUR” (38’th FAJR Film Festival – Iran – 2020 ) Screenings at over 250 local, national, and international festivals; such as : 1-Dresden international festival of Germany 2017- 2-International cellular festival Germany 2017 Germany -3 Open air international short film festival 2017 Germany- 4-BiGBANG International Short Film Festival 2018 Athens -5- 12th labor Film Festival 2017- Istanbul ،Izmir Ankara- 6-35th Busan International short film festival 2018 South Korea- 7- 29th istanbul international short film festival -8- 21th Religion Today Film Festival 2018 Italy -9- Tehran International Short Film Festival –2014-2017-2019- IRAN – 10- Iranian Films Festival in Canada 2010 – 11- 16th Dhaka International Festival 2018 Bangladesh – 12- Italy cortisone festival 2014-13- Exground film fest 2017- Germany – 14- 10 th seoul international Extreme-short image & film festival 2018




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