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Daughters of Cynisca (Women in sport speak for equality)

2019, - 96

Beatriz Carretero


WOMEN IN SPORT SPEAK FOR GENDER EQUALITYHijas De Cynisca (Daughters Of Cynisca) is a documentary film about gender inequality in sports, a reflection of the society in which we live. It gives voice to women who are role models, who have achieved great success in their careers and who will share their stories with us.They will expose this inequality, they will suggest ideas for its eradication, and they will tell us how much progress has been made and how much remains to be done, to change a society anchored in values that have become obsolete.

PRODUCER, DIRECTOR, SCRIPTWRITER & FILM TEACHERShe has a TV AND CINEMA DEGREE. She has been working in the film industry for 20 years, in direction, screenplay, production and editing departments: in cinema, television, advertising, and performing arts.She has specialized in direction and production, planning and developing all kinds of projects in all their phases: feature films, short films, documentary films, commercials, music videos, corporate videos, etc.She has coordinated her work in films with promotional and making of videos for Entertainment Producer STAGE ENTERTAINMENT ESPAÑA, of the following musicals: THE LION KING, LES MISÉRABLES, BEAUTY & THE BEAST and MY FAIR LADY.Since 2011 she has taught audiovisual production at CEV School and CES School, where she was also the internship coordinator, job which she has also practiced at EIMA School.She is part of the filmmakers included in the book 59 SHORT FILM FEMALE DIRECTORS.She has produced, written and directed eight short films, such as FRAMES.DAUGHTERS OF CYNISCA is her second experience as a documentary director and producer after DIVERSITY.2019 DAUGHTERS OF CYNISCA (Documentary) 2010 DIVERSITY (Documentary) 2010 ESPERE VERDE (Short) 2009 FRAMES (Short) 2005 SER UNA PEGATINA (Short) 2004 CALCETA KARATEKA CON PALILLOS CHINOS (Short) 2004 EL DESTINO DEL CABRITO (Short) 2002 ES UNA LATA (Short) 2002. PEPÓMEZ (Short) 2001. REM (Short)




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