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Anderson Falls

Belgium, 2019, - Color - 84 min

Julien Seri

Shawn Ashmore, Gary Cole, Lin Shaye

Giles Daoust

Shan Liljestrand

Brody Gusar

Sacha Chaban

Alexander X. Hutchinson

Mike Macari, Luke Barnett, Vince Masciale, Giles Daoust

Lone Suspect , Title Media



After his wife's suicide, Detective Jeff Anderson becomes convinced that she has been murdered. Obsessed with his investigation, he finds out that his wife was the victim of a team of father-and-son serial killers and sets out to stop them.

Julien Seri is an award-winning French director. He has directed 4 feature films, including Yamakasi (EuropaCorp) and Night Fare (Universal France), and several hundred commercials, which have won him two Bronze Lions in Cannes. Anderson Falls is his first American film.Director Statement There are screenplays that grab you and don’t let go, the kind of work that ends on a stunning note that sticks in one’s mind a long time after reading. Exciting, captivating, harsh, dark. There is no lack of superlatives for this screenplay.It’s a fundamental questioning about violence. Can violence transform the world? Can we change things by force? The film I have in mind is a reflection on the murky border between good and evil. It must be understood that this gripping story will serve only as a backdrop. What interests me is hidden elsewhere, deep in the obscure core of the human soul. The issue of how evil insinuates itself into each of us will be a continuous thread throughout Anderson Falls.My strong beliefs will help turn the movie into a real and authentic cinematic experience. Highly immersive, pitiless, this journey to the center of Hell also echoes a form of universality, albeit somewhat hard to admit, but nonetheless true.Everything in Anderson Falls will revolve around the genesis of violence, the why of evil, and the difficulty of avoiding it. Because in the end, the movie doesn’t intend to depict only serial killers. It is less concerned with the battle between good cops and evil killers than with the state of our ailing world.Anderson Falls will be a complete movie. A chilling and shocking work, visually superb, carefully addressing both form and content. It will be gut-wrenching throughout. It will both question and offer answers. And it is when these start to record the unprecedented state of our societies that it will really hurt. Providing new insights into the characters’ past while retaining a number of open questions, Anderson Falls can be seen as a reflection on the depths of darkness that human beings can reach, and a political observation of our society. Far from being another « Seven » like so many others since the release of David Fincher’s superb movie, this thriller will bring its own touch to a genre that one might think emptied of all substance by series of interchangeable stories.Built around a solid screenplay, my directing will not only make this the darkest thriller we will have seen for a long time but also the most human, ending on a note of hope with that soul-searching whistling. And what if that were what’s been missing from these numerous sterile thrillers: soul?Behind a relentless thriller, a movie packed with action and tension worthy of the greatest, Anderson Falls addresses a kind of paranoia of our times, a tension between individuality and institutions, a fragility of our social fabric, a lack of accountability regarding torture and violence. I want it to be emphatically American and similar to a western.




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