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Iran, 2019, - - Color - 13

Saeid Nejati

Majid Potki - Mehri Sadat Al Agha - faren hasani niya

Saeid Nejati - Fatemeh Ashari

Arman Fayyaz

Emad khodabakhsh - Saeid Nejati


Majid Nejati - Saman Shahamat

Saeid Nejati




Maryam is a 9-years-old daughter who has gone to grandmother’s house in the absence of her father with her mother who left her house in wrath . the father comes for getting back Maryam and he takes away she after discussing with her grandmother .Maryam is scared and she priod along the way for the first time.

Bibi, Fiction Film,
Sorahi (prohibition), Short Fiction Film,
Pandora, Experimental Film, Thanks for Your Shopping, Short Fiction Film,
The Beginning of the Season of Jasmines, Music Video,
Soldiers Like the Storks, Short Fiction Film,
Behind the Wall of Dream, Short Fiction Film,
Melancholy Narrated by Three Women (AKA Snows Won’t Melt Here), Short Fiction Film
Soluk (AKA Way), Experimental Film,
A Step Further, Short Fiction Film,
The Last Station of Night (AKA Happy Corpses), Short Fiction Film,
always you say hello first , Short Fiction Film ,
Thank you for buying ، Short Fiction Film
It rains slowly ØŒShort Fiction Film
Dabur , Short Fiction Film

over 90 National and International Awards such as :

1- Best Film for The sorahi(thirty-second short film festival in Tehran in the Islamic world – 2014 )

2- Best Directed for “it rains slowly”( 30th International film festival for children and youth Isfahan- 2017 )

3- Statue of the best Film for “it rains slowly (6th Nepal Human rigthts Intrnational film festival" 7 – 10 Mrch،2018)

4- Statue of the best Editing for “it rains slowly” (“BiGBANG International Short Film Festival - 2018)

5- Statue and Diploma the best patriotic film for “it rains slowly”(internatonal youth filmfestival – kazan - 2018)

6- Best Film for AUDIRENCE AWARD for “it rains slowly” (BiGBANG International Short Film Festival – 2018)

7- jury mention for short film “it rains slowly”

8- special mention in memory of davide zordan for “it rains slowly”

9- Best Fiction Film for A Step Further (Rooyesh National Festival - )

Making over 200 documentaries, teasers, and music videos for governmental and nongovernmental organizations

Participating in over 230 films as set designer, cinematographer, editor, and production manager

Screenings at over 250 local, national, and international festivals; such as :
Dresden international festival of Germany 2017
International cellular festival Germany 2017 - Germany
Open air international short film festival 2017 - Germany
Tehran International Short Film Festival 2016 - Iran
Roshd International Festival 2004 -Iran
16th Dhaka International Festival 2018 - Bangladesh
21th Religion Today Film Festival 2018-Italy
Exground film fest 2017- Germany
Antakya Film Festival 2017- Turkey
11th International Childrens film festival 2018-Bangladesh
BiGBANG International Short Film Festival 2018 – Athens
6th Nepal Human rigthts Intrnational film festival 2018- Nepal
12th labor Film Festival 2017- Istanbul ، Izmir - Ankara
10th International Children's Film Festival 2018 – Lucknow
35th Busan International short film festival 2018- South Korea
18th International Film Festival unprecedented cinema 2018- Tallinn Estonia
3rd Kashmir World Film Festival 2018
21th international religion today film festival in Italy 2018
10 th seoul international Extreme-short image & film festival 2018
9 th seoul Metro international Subway film festival 2018 (SMIFF)
9 th DYTIATKO international children’s television festival 2018 – Ukraine
10 th kazan international youth film festival 2018
Korea SESIFF Festival 2012
Iranian Films Festival in Canada 2010
Iranian Films Festival in the U.S 2010
Italy cortisone festival 2014
Fajr international short film festival 2017– Iran

Member of jury in national festivals such as :

19th international izmir 2018- izmir turkey

Tehran International Short Film Festival 2015 – iran

Olympiad Film Department, thirty-second Tehran International Short Film Festival 2015- iran

100 second film festival 2017 - iran
Iranian Cinematic Celebration in the Short Film 2015- 2016 -2017 - iran
Shabdiz Regional Festival 2017 – iran
Binalood Regional Festival 2016 – iran
Kashan regional festival 2017 – iran
Sama National Festival 2015 –iran
National and International Festival of Mehr Mohammad 2016 – iran …

Member of the short film association

Article" The Aesthetics of Abolfazl Jalili’s Films through Neoformalism" from saeid nejati – 2015

book of "Dancing with dust" , The Aesthetics of Abolfazl Jalili’s Films through Neoformalism" from saeid nejati -2019




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