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Bloeme's Riddle

Netherlands, 2017, HD - Color - 53 min.

Erga Netz


Erga Netz

Kester Dixon, ao

Suzanna Noord, Erga Netz

Moshe Danino

Flip van den Dungen, ao

Erga Netz




Bloeme’s Raadsel (Dutch titles) is a TV documentary that tells the thought-provoking story of Bloeme Evers-Emden (5 July 1926 – 18 July 2016), trying to decipher what made her the amazing woman she was. A holocaust survivor of Auschwitz, Bloeme was and stayed a humanist. Having children and raising them as Jews, was her resolve after the inhuman experiences she had to endure. Born and raised as a secular person in a communist family, she came to lead a strict religious life, since her children insisted on it. Was it out of ‘honour thy children?’ or was it her and her husbands’ way of honouring Life and the life they brought to this shuttered world? Bloeme led a constant struggle for women’s rights within the orthodox community, while absurdly, all these rights were available for women in the liberal community. Still, she was loyal to the tiny orthodox synagogue she helped creating, Sjoel West; kept all the rules, including those she fought to change. Bloeme Evers-Emden was to me a woman full of riddles. For many years, I joined her Jewish studies weekly lessons in her living-room. I also interviewed her in several of my TV documentaries. With all the contradictions, which she represented to me, I appreciated her, even loved her, but try as I may, her riddle is still unsolved.

Erga Netz (a Dutch citizen) was born in Israel. Since 1988 she lives and works in The Netherlands as a TV and film producer, writer, editor, project-manager and theater/events producer, and an author. Her colleague for the last 25 years, in Abrahami-Netz Productions, the director Izzy Abrahami, passed away in 2013. Since then she continues under the one-woman-company ANTV.Erga Netz started producing theatre shows and events in 2011, with the one-woman show The Child Behind the Eyes (written by the Israeli playwright Nava Semel,) In 2014 she produced the Israeli theatre festival SPOT ON in The Netherlands, with guest of honor the first lady of Israeli theater, Lia Keunig. Erga Netz brings Israeli theater productions to tours in The Netherlands, and she initiates theater project collaborations between Dutch and Israeli, professional and amateur theatre makers.At present she is completing her novel ‘Mrs. Gulliver’s Secrets.’‘How to: Be or not to Be’ (2008) was her TV documentary directorial debut, a co-production with the JO (Dutch national channel 2). Winner of Best Documentary at Besalu Film Festival, Spain, March 2008 and selected to Jewish Eye Film Festival, Israel, October 2008.It was followed by ‘In Search of the Jewish Secret’ (2009) half an hour experimental documentary on norms and values, in an MTV form.In 2011 she completed the documentary ‘Swing Me to the End of Life, Echoes of Johnny and Jones’, which was broadcast by Dutch national television (Channel 2) in August 2011 and on local stations in Drenthe and Amsterdam in 2012, 2013 and 2014. It was invited to the Jewish Eye Film Festival in Ashkelon, Israel, 2012 and was broadcast on Channel 10 in April 2014.In 2017 she produced and directed the TV documentary ‘Bloeme’s Riddle’, a portrait of a unique Jewish lady, in collaboration with Dutch National Channel 2.She also created an interactive video installation in memory of the Dutch television pioneer Erik de Vries (1912-2004) ‘The Promising Past of Television’ which was exhibited in Gallery Artline (2006,) in de Balie in Amsterdam (2007,) and in the audio-visual museum Beeld en Geluid in Hilversum (2009.)Among the documentaries she co-wrote and produced are:2005 - WhiteFlag, Playing with the Enemy (55 min) Produced and co-directed for SF (Swiss National Broadcaster) with Izzy Abrahami.2003 – The Desert Mandarin (22 min.) An experimental romantic comedy of Ruven Levav.2002 – The Way We Are (25 min.) A social-historical documentary on the 25 years of the Pétanque club Museumplein in Amsterdam.2002 – On Grace Kelly, Money and Dreams (54 min.) Broadcasts: Dutch broadcast (world premiere) National Channel 1, March 10, 2002, Czech TV, 2003; Hungarian National television, 2004. Festivals: RIIFF, USA, August 2002; OJAI Film Festival, USA, November 2002; Eureka Screenings, November 2002; FIPATEL, January 2003; Thessaloniki DocMarket, March 2003. Supported by CoBO fonds.2001 – Joseph Semah, Artist (25 min.) Supported by the Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst.2000 – SIMPLY HUMAN, Hans Snoek: lifelong dancing, lifetime giving (30 min.) Broadcasts: Dutch broadcast – December 17, 2000 and October 3 + 17, 2001; Israel’s national Channel 1 – April 19, 2001 and April 2003. Festivals: Silver Images Film Festival, Chicago, USA, May 2001; Denver International Film Festival, May 2001; Jewish film Festival of Girona, Spain, September 2002 (winner of Best Jewish Film); St. John’s International Women’s Film and Video Festival, Newfoundland, Canada, October 2002. Supported by Mama Cash and Kas Bank.2000 – ISRAEL ROCKS! – a journey through music of visions and divisions (55 min.) Broadcasts: Dutch broadcasts: May 14 and 17, 2000, Channel 1; Japan, NHK; Sweden, SVT; Norway, NRK; Switzerland, TSR and SF DRS; Germany, ORB; USA, WorldLink TV. Festivals: Rialto Cinema, September 2000; The Jewish Historic Museum, December 2000; JCC, March 2001; Woodstock Film Festival, USA, September 2000; Atlanta Jewish Film Festival, November 2000; FIPAtel, Biarritz, France, January 2001; Monte Carlo Television Festival, February 2001 (Won the URTI Grand Prix for Documentaries, Prix Arman and the Gold Medal); Vancouver Jewish Film Festival, Canada, May 2001; ArtsFilmsBratislava, June 2001; Hong Kong Festival, July 2001; Atlantic City Festival, August 2001 (Won the Best Foreign Documentary); Cinema Arts Center, NY, September 2001; Golden Chest Television Festival, Bulgaria, October 2001 (Won the Grand Prix for Documentaries); Washington DC Jewish Film Festival, November 2001; Barcelona Festival of television, Spain, November 2001; Roma International Film Festival, Italy, February 2002 (Won the First Prize, the Jury Award for Documentaries); Florida Documentary Film Festival, USA, October 2002. Supported by the Stimulerings Fonds and CoBO Fonds1998 - Summer, Autumn, WAR, Spring (58 min.) Broadcasts: Dutch broadcast: September 25, 1998, Channel 2. USA, PBS; Japan, NHK; Sweden, SVT; Austria, ORF; Israel, IETV; Spain, Portugal, Andorra, MediaPark. Festivals: 18th Breckenrigde Film Festival, USA September 1998; Barcelona Television Festival, Spain, November 1998 winner of the First Prize; Denver Film Festival, USA, November 1998; East Lansing Film Festival, USA, March 1999; Prix Iris, The Netherlands, May 1999; Athens Festival, USA, May 1999; OJAI Film Festival, USA, November 2001. Supported by Kinderpostzegelsfunds, de Telegraaf and many private donations.1997 - THE BUND, UTOPIA FOR REAL (30 min.) Broadcasts: Dutch broadcast on November 23, 1997, channel 1; Belgium, Canvas; Italy, RAI DUE; Israel, Educational Channel.1996 - ARSENAL 8, football for the soul (50 min.) Broadcasts: NPS, the Dutch national channel 3, September 1996; Israel, Channel 8.1996 - ROFRA 30 min. industrial documentary.1995 - WE HAVE NO WAR-SONGS -Gypsies, the Professional Amateurs of Life (52 min.) Broadcasts: Dutch National Channel 2, June 1996; Channel 13, New York, USA, September 1997; Finland, YLE, June 1997; Israel, Channel 8, June 1997; Non-Theatrics USA; Spain, Portugal, Multi-Canal. Festivals: Festival de Neuvaux Cinema of Montreal, Canada, 1996; Festival of the Dreaming in Sydney, Australia, 1996; 18th Breckenridge Film Festival, USA September 1998; Denver Film Festival, November 1998; Barcelona Television Festival, Spain, November 1998; East Lansing Film Festival, USA, March 1999; In-Edit Music Film Festival, Barcelona and Madrid, November 2003. Conference of Humanity, Paris, September 2004; Human Rights Conference, Budapest, December 2004.1993 - ISRAEL, THE CHANGING OF THE MINDS (45 min.) Broadcasts: Dutch national channel 3, December 8, 1993; Japanese national channel 1 (NHK), March 1994; Singapore, 1995; Canada, CBC, 1995.1992 - THE INVENTION OF THE PARKING METER (25 min.) Winner of the GOLD SPECIAL JURY AWARD, Worldfest Houston, USA, 1993 1988 - ISRAEL -- THE OTHER REALITY (58 min.) Broadcasts: Dutch national channel 3, July and August 1991; Norway, NRK, 1989. Sold extensively to universities and libraries in the USA. Supported by Stichting Levi Lassen.Erga Netz holds a BFA in Film and Television from Tel Aviv University.




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