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Italy, 2018, - Color - 41

Julia Pietrangeli

Julia Pietrangeli e KYRAHM

Julia Pietrangeli

Julia Pietrangeli

Andrea La Scala

Rita Chessa

Human Installations


Everyone knew it was impossible, yet a fool who did not know it was impossible, did it. The dream of flying is as old as mankind itself. Freedom, physical and spiritual elevation. Sabrina and a group of very special pilots teach us that dreams are not only a sequence of images. Saint-Exupery said Eyes are blind. You have to look with the heart. This story goes beyond overcoming disabilities, it's about the strength of those who live up to their own desires: there are no barriers up in the clouds.

Obsolescenza del Genere (2009) Role: co-screenwriter, co-director, co-editor, performer Exhibitions - screenings: Best Performance International Laguna Art Prize (Venezia, Ita) 2010 Best Video Arcipelago Film Festival (Roma, Ita) 2015 Aesthetica Short Film Festival (BAFTA recognized) UK 2016 Venice International Performance Art Week (Venezia) 2016 Museo Arte Contemporanea di Roma (Ita) 2013 Florence Queer Festival (Ita) 2011Il Maestro del Mare (2012) Role: screenwriter, director, editor Exhibitions - screenings: Best Video Corto Acquario Festival (Roma, Ita) 2012 Menzione speciale Premio Chiara Baldassarri (Pisa, Ita) 2012Drag King, il sogno di Julia (2014) Role: Co-screenwriter, actor/performer Exhibitions – screenings: Santo Domingo OUTFEST (Dominican Republic) 2017 Venice International Performance Art Week (Venezia) 2016 QueerFilmFest Rostock (Germany) 2016 Ibiza Cinefest (Spain) 2016 La Otra Banqueta Film Festival (Guatemala) 2016 Korea Queer Film Festival (Seul) 2016 Sulmona Cinema (Sulmona) 2015 Salento Rainbow Film Festival (Lecce) 2015 Florence Queer Film Festival (Firenze) 2015 Arcipelago Nuove Immagini (Roma) 2015 RIFF AWARDS Rome Indipendent Film Festival 2015 30TGLFF Torino Gay and Lesbian Film Festival 20152016(A)mare Conchiglie Role: co-screenwriter, co-director, cinematographer, co-editor Exhibitions - screenings: OtherMovie Lugano Film Festival (Svizzera) 2016 XXXFuoriFestival di Videoarte (Pesaro) 2016 X-24 Festival, XChurch. Gainsborough, (UK) 2016 Venice International Performance Art Week (Venezia) 2016 Università di Rostock (Germania), 2017 Università di Napoli, 2018 "Body in transit" Ministero dell'Economia di Spagna, 2018 Corpo Festival di Arti Performative, Pescara (Ita) 2018 Art Performing Festival, Lecce (Ita) 2018Oltre il corpo, evoluzioni dal mondo della Performance Art Role: co-screenwriter, co-director, cinematographer, editor Exhibitions - screenings: Venice International Performance Art Week, Venezia (Ita) 2016 Biennale Deformes, Cile 2016 Art Performing Festival, Lecce (Ita) 2018Dentro/Fuori by Kyrahm Role: director, cinematographer, editor Exhibitions - screenings: Biennale Deformes, Cile 2016Odio i saluti (2001) Role: screenwriter director, cinematographer, editor Exhibitions - screenings: Festival Internazionale Cinema Omosessuale di Bologna e Milano (Ita) Torino Gay and Lesbian Film Festival (Torino, Ita) Festival Cinema Lesbico di Parigi (Francia) InsideOut Film Festival, Toronto (Canada) Fameline Film Festival San Francisco (USA) Aukland TV & Film Festival (Nuova Zelanda) Long Island Indipendent Film Festival (USA)




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