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China, 2018, - Color - 87min

Yang Huilong

Chu Zheng


You Hong



Trees that are wounded, whether by an axe, a snake or an insect, secrete a resin to heal themselves, the so-called aloes. Home can be compared to a tree – but if it gets hurt, how does it heal itself? A town in Southern China, mid September. Lao Zhong, owner of a traditional Chinese medicine shop in the old part of town, has two sons and one daughter. Their lives are full of distress. Due to some ridiculous events when they were young, misunderstanding and alienation seems to persist between Lao Zhong and his children. Lao Zhong has a piece of ancestral aloe. As more and more pharmacists are attracted to the place, gradually, people recognize the value of aloe. And with this, the relationships within Lao Zhong’s family begin to undergo subtle changes. Lao Zhong and his children seldom dine together. The daughter’s husband owes a lot of gambling debts and his creditor asks for repayment every few days. The daughter, Zhong Qing, scrawny and wizened, has a sad face and always keeps busy. The couple have a noodle shop. Qing’s husband is hopelessly addicted to gambling. Almost all the income from the noodle shop has been used to gamble. What’s worse, sometimes Qing’s husband beats his wife. Lao Zhong’s eldest son, Zhong Dajiang is an incommunicative middle-aged man who works in a water utility. He leads a very disciplined life: work, meals, sleep, and even sex with his wife in the creaking bamboo bed are all done on a strict schedule. Because he is impotent, his wife Ye Mei has remained childless. But she is so eager to have her own child that she turns to her brother-in-law. In the end, the youngest son leaves their little town, perhaps his real home is in fact “anywhere”. The older brother Dajiang buys a pair of fancy high-heeled red shoes for his wife with three months’ salary, but finally buries the shoes by the waterfront. Does he bury his marriage, his hopelessness or even his wife? Dajiang and his pregnant wife walk on the street. Both of them look calm and satisfied. Is this real or visionary? That’s not important anymore. Maybe this is the nature of life. Life may get worse. Our inner tree has perhaps been injured by an axe, a snake or an insect. So, is there any secretion which will heal these intolerable wounds?

Mr.YANGHUILONG Director Graduated from the Beijing Film Academy Department of photography in 2002. In 2012, investment in the film "Today and Tomorrow", cooperated with the the world's leading level of post-production company of famous French director Luc Besson (French: Luc Besson) . Movie debut "Today Tomorrow": 26th Japan Tokyo International Film Festival ASIAN FUTURE best film 50th Taipei Golden Horse International Film Festival The 8th Paris China Film Week Best Music Award 22th China Film Golden Rooster Award for Best Feature Film Nomination In 2014 China Film Director Association five nominations 2014 Beijing International Film Festival 2014 Finnish International Film Festival 2014 London International Film Festival best debut nomination In 2014, University of Southern California Film Academy invited director to academic exchange. It is the second Chinese film be invited to do the exchange at the University of Southern California Film Institute. The Southern California Film Academy is the world's No. 1 Film Academy currently.




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