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Ci vuole un fiore/Reborn Flower

Italy, 2017, HD - Color - 52:25

Vincenzo Notaro

Vincenzo Notaro

Alessandro Di Mario

Mario Marrone

Biagio Baggini, Gianluigi Carlone

Fabio Fortunati

Vincenzo Notaro

Orto Film


In 2008, the first urban garden of the city was created in the most ancient neighborhood of Rome, named Garbatella. The official residence of the region Lazio, political engine of the regional territory, can be seen in the background of scarecrows and different trees covering and embellishing the underlying area, which was once characterized by desolation and gravel. It is here, where the documentary “Reborn Flowers” comes alive, a tale of the battle of simple farmers against a slow and lethargic administration, attached to old economical patterns that are detrimental to the citizen’s well-being, in order to be able to reclaim the land. This social phenomenon is the background of the life story of Giacomo and Luigi, two men with a different age, but for whom the conquest of the land is of high importance and plays a vital role in tackling their own difficulties. In the background of their stories, there is a Rome with more self-awareness, far away from the chaos of tourists and of the Romans, a city described as Europe’s largest agricultural municipality.

Vincenzo Notaro was born in the province of Naples on May 11, 1979; He graduated from DAMS at the University of Bologna in 2006. His studies have returned to Latina where he lives and works. He has conducted direct workshops with Silvio Soldini, Giuseppe Piccioni and Daniele Luchetti. He started working in cinema following developments and helping small local productions in the organization. He made his first short in 2006 by the title Ferragosto getting a fairly public interest. The first documentary was made in 2010 by the title Portraits of Borghi, a small fresco on the foundation hamlets surrounding the city of Latina. He has collaborated on the production of some documentaries such as Ashraf Saber, the nubian of Rome, produced by Daimon Production. He was co-director of the documentary The Shepherd and the Alpine, produced by the Latina Film Commission. She worked with CATLEYA for the film "Mio fratello è figlio unico" son directed by Daniele Luchetti as video assist. In 2010 he won the Latina Film Fund award for the subject of the documentary Mani Fasciate (Gloved Dreams) story of the boxer pontin Mario Pisanti made in 2011 and presented at various national and international festivals. In 2014 she realized the small documentary ART. 639 project produced by the AND association, which analyzes the role of street art in contexts of social and work discomfort, following the performance of some Italian writers. In 2017, the documentary Reborn Flowers (Ci Vuole un fiore)




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