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South Africa, 2016, 4k Red Dragon - Color - 80 minutes

Uga Carlini

Alison as herself. Christia Visser as Young Alison. Zak Hendrikz as Frans du Toit. De Klerk Oelofse as Theuns Kruger. Francois Maree as young Tiaan.

Uga Carlini

Stills Anne Kruyer. Director of Photography Georgia Court.

Daniel Mitchell

Alice Gillham. Theme song "moments" Mia and the Moon.

Simon Ratcliffe, Jean Bruning

Uga Carlini producer. Steve Harris, Karen Meiring & Jan du Plessis Executive Producer.

Towerkop Creations

Towerkop Creations


ALISON is a triumphant, deeply personal, award winning hybrid feature with contemporary real life fairytale undertones, of a woman who not only refused to become a victim but who through her survival spirit transformed a dark night of the soul into a personal liberation that ripples into the soul of all those who meet, hear and see her. This is her tale about being her own hero, on her terms, faerie gardens and all. Of how trauma is on-going, forever lurking in the shadows, ready to show itself at any given moment and devour you all over again and how one woman chooses to keep it at bay. A tale of monsters, miracles and hope.orAlison is a triumphant, deeply personal and fairytale-like account of a woman who, after enduring a horrific incident in which she is raped, stabbed and disemboweled, refuses to become a victim. Through her survival spirit, she is able to transform trauma into a personal liberation that has rippling effects on all who meet, hear and see her. Very much her own hero, her tale is one of the relentless nature of trauma and the constant struggle to keep it at bay. Built around intimate interview sessions, this is a story of monsters, miracles and hope in the new South Africa.

Of Italian descent but proudly and fully South African, award winning filmmaker Uga Carlini has extensive film experience both in front of and behind the camera, with a career that’s stretched across South Africa, the United Kingdom, Australia and Fiji.In Fiji, Uga compiled and pioneered the acting, screenwriting and filmmaking syllabus for the National University of Fiji, the first of its caliber for the South Pacific. Uga oversaw the development and production of many pioneering local student films and several of her former students are now well-placed members of the South Pacific film and TV industry.A drama graduate of Stellenbosch University (specializing in acting and film-making) Uga returned to South Africa to become the founding owner of Towerkop Creations, a film company that specializes in female driven heroine stories. Towerkop Creations also prides itself in the fact that it is child friendly as Uga is a working mother as passionate about her two boys as she is about filmmaking.Uga’s option on the book Beyond the Light Barrier, an international cult favorite, became the basis for her upcoming documentary feature Good Planets Are Hard To Find, which tells the environmentally-themed story of Elizabeth Klarer, South Africa’s controversial, often ridiculed “First Lady of Space” and her claim to an alien love affair and some stratling scientific revelations. A short film preview version of the project won the PUMA Catalyst Audience Award at the 2012 SUSTAIN OUR AFRICA Film Festival and sold out all viewings at South Africa’s Cape Winelands Film Festival. It was also selected from over 7000 entries to be part of Berlin’s 2011 InterFilm Shorts Competition and was a featured short on US-based SNAG FILMS. A feature film version is also currently in development, with Uga attached as director and screenwriter.Uga’s option on the best-selling book I Have Life has translated into her full-length hybrid feature Alison. Translated into 7 languages and a perennial on Penguin’s best seller list since 1998, the book tells the harrowing story of Alison Botha, who was raped, stabbed and disemboweled - and survived to rebuild her life as an inspirational speaker. Written, produced and directed by Uga, Alison is one of South Africa’s most hotly-anticipated films, selected for the prestigious Encounters International Documentary Film Festival and set for 2016 Nu Metro release in cinemas throughout South Africa. Deploying a bold mixture of fairy tale idiom and unflinching frankness to tell its story of survival, resilience and triumph, Alison has already been dubbed “a story of monsters, miracles and hope”. A dramatic feature film version of the story is also currently in development via Uga’s company. ‘Alison' recently made history by becoming the first South African film to be selected for the iconic Hollywood based Film Festival, Dances with Films. There it also got pick of the fest from renowned film blog Enclave LA. It also won best documentary at the Asian Pacific International Film Festival and sold out at Encounters International Film festival.Uga’s original feature screenplay Poppie, the stirring story of a kindhearted hobo who dreams of traveling the world, only to be diagnosed with a debilitating illness, recently completed development with support from South Africa’s National Film & Video Foundation (NFVF). Uga is attached to direct.In addition to the pilot script, Uga also handled research and production support tasks for the Zyron Pictures series Sewe Sakke Sout (which was nominated for an ATKV Media Veertjie Award). Uga also wrote the treatment and handled pre-production research for Celeb Se Kind, another Zyron Pictures production that broadcast on kykNET, one of South Africa’s premier drama channels.Recently voted a “Woman of the Month” in the “Extraordinary Women Of South Africa” initiative, Uga is the first filmmaker and the first South African company inducted as a member of the South African / American Business Chamber. Among several professional memberships, Uga and her company are also involved in several local training initiatives. Uga was also a Berlinale Durban Talent of 2013.




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