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Clemency of Silence

Bangladesh, 2016, DSLR - Color - 13 min 50 sec

Rahman Mani

Eity, Afzal, MiIad

Rahman Mani

Rahman Mani

Rahman Mani

Al Amin

Al Amin

Rahman Mani

Ancient Media


For this very day today, the house wife had to count her days till date. Her husband had given her his word that he would be home on time. Thus she cooks, pampers herself and waits. But all of a sudden, everything goes topsy turvy. The sudden vicinity of one of the old foe. She was the casualty of the man's false exercises. Today he demanded her spouse's financial securities password and ID. Threatening so as to frighten her to destroy her life with a considerable measure of bad behavior in order to achieve his objectives was what he always did. He casts an evil eye on the woman on his way out every time. Therefore the woman faced various tests in order to maintain her sense of pride and to keep up her existence.The rate of the getting conned by the man kept on increasing. Amid the entire occurrence, at a certain point, she feels as though that the man has come back with more detestable aims. After a considerable measure of thought and a war against her beliefs, the lady strolls towards the murkiness with a knife in hand; she was out to kill. However, that man was not there; as a matter of fact, there was no human being in sight whereas a mere beautiful white cat. What's more, in that brief moment of a minute, her obsession of committing murder went away.After a tad bit, her spouse returns back home all tired and depleted, with a bewildered look in his face. He realized what happened at home in the matter of a moment. With a heavy hearted voice after explaining the reason of his delay, he mentions on how people so easily walk into their own deathbeds. While indicating the events that occurred today to his wife and in the wake of mentioning death, she was startled for quite a while. Her spouse was discussing about death and expressed the demise of a certain man. He specified how the man had his security ID and password on his mobile. And started to wonder how all that was possible; the man was left puzzled bringing the drama to suspicious turn of events.The woman eventually learned her lesson; love conquers all.

Rahman Mani is a critically acclaimed and International award-winning photographer and filmmaker who has produced and directed a god number of dramas, documentaries and telefilms for local television. He has produced and directed, documentary "Panatirto: A Place of Pilgrimage" from which he has received an award from the USA film festival. His documentary on child labor, "The Push Kids" has brought in some major important issues which the world needs enlightenment to. He has also been involved in Bollywood film productions. He holds a bachelors degree in Arts as well as diplomas both in photography and multimedia. He has also been trained by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) in the United Kingdom (UK). For his artistic work and professionalism, he has achieved International distinctions, AFIAP from International Federation of Photographic Art. Furthermore, he is a guest lecturer for film making in Shajalal University of Science and Technology, Bangladesh, currently ranked no.1 in the whole country. He was the director of photography for very first fully digital productions in Bangladesh. Clemency of Silence is the second short movie that he has written and directed himself, and he is currently developing another short film and at a low-to-medium budget high-concept features, which is to portray the story of a dog.His films depict aspects from daily life and are influenced by art, philosophy and simplicity.




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