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Arrest Assured

United States, 2004, Digitial - Color - 2M: 25S

Michael McCormick, Robert Taylor

Robert Taylor


Arrest Assured is a comical 3D animated short featuring a restless and simple-minded man who can't get any sleep. He sits in his loft above a sleeping city, and wonders how he can get some rest. A half-baked solution occurs to him when he sees the sign for a local jewelry store across from his lonely bedroom window.

Michael McCormick and Robert Taylor have been business partners and close friends for over 15 years. Ever since they met, they've been pushing technology, exploring diverse production techniques and artistic styles, learning the fascinating art of storytelling and trying to produce the highest quality computer animation possible. Together, they've worked all over the world, from Cairo to Budapest and London to LA. They have an extremely diverse background in CGI production, including not only prolific award-winning production work, but also production pipeline consulting at renowned studios worldwide. These experiences have given them a privileged insight into the successes and failures of CGI pipelines in a wide variety of animation and digital effects studios. The formation of Pendulum is the intended manifestation of this knowledge, these skills and a great love for animation.Even before they both attended Georgia Tech, Mike and Rob shared a fervent interest in the relationship between technology and art, and have since spent a great deal of hands-on time with an exciting array of digital animation & fx solutions. Right out of college, the pair founded their first studio, taylor/mccormick graphics. After six successful and exhilarating years, Crawford Communications, of Atlanta, GA, (the largest post production group in the Southeast) offered to buy the company, and invited Mike and Rob to join the Crawford Digital/DESIGNefx team to lead the computer graphics division. This was an offer they couldn't and didn't refuse!But after a year of the post-facility lifestyle, they're zeal for storytelling and animation got the best of them. An avid curiosity in new and leading edge solutions led them to make their exit from Crawford, along with the company's Exec VP and a hefty venture capital investment, to co-found Giant Studios at the end of 1998. Based on the exclusive entertainment rights to some of the most impressive motion capture technology in the world [the BioMechanics system], Giant allowed Mike and Rob to explore a diverse and uniquely powerful set of tools and theories for the development of animation. While animation traditionalists at heart, theyexcitedly dove into the mo-cap technology and created the short film, Melvin: The Red Headed Stepchild, which premiered at the 1999 Siggraph conference. Giant's technology was also integrated into Weta's pipeline for all three Lord of the Rings films, including their groundbreaking work on Golem. However, Mike and Rob saw the unparalleled technology as a means to end... another tool in the tool-box for creating entertaining and unique stories... whereas the rest of the Giant executive team saw it as a digital animation panacea, best suited for the servicing of other companies, like Weta. So, with storytelling and high-end commercial & content production as their unrelenting long-term goal, the duo moved on.Their objective was to create an exciting and innovative production environment, where passionate talent and great character animation could thrive. This led to Pendulum.




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