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France, 2005, 35 mm - Color - 19

Olivier Klein

Stephen Henry, Diane Dassigny, Nirupama Nitanyandan

Emmanuelle Sardou & Olivier Klein

Olivier Klein

Luna distribution


Synopsis (912 characters): Degol is a young illegal immigrant from India living in France. He is brave, and appealing. He makes a poor life doing hard jobs, as thousands of Indians or Pakistani from Paris do. From India, his mother’s voice comes to his ears every time he starts singing, making him reassure her on his life in Paris in the way we all speak to our mother so that she does not worry: Everything is fine here, and so is my career, I have a beautiful apartment, yes mom I soon will get married. Degol is so positive, he embellishes everything. Even when the police checks him without residence permit. Even when he is transferred from the police station to the police headquarters. Even when he is moved from the court to a retention center and from the center to the airport. Because love at first sight is stronger than anything: and during his interrogation, the glance of Degol met the one of a young policewoman: Victoire.“Bhai-bhai”: short synopsis (139 characters): Young Degol is an Indian illegal immigrant in Paris. He is arrested, and being deported from France. But nothing is sad in Indian musicals…

Olivier KleinFilmography 2005 Rochdale France Paris, France1999-2000 Rochdale France Paris, Fr Executive producer and location manager§ 84 minutes documentary, “S.O.S. Tehran ”. 6 months shooting in Iran. Funding: French National Cinema Center & Rochdale. Jan Vrijman Fund & SCAM (doc directors’ guild). Shot on Digital Betacam. Directed by Sou Abadi. Best doc at Brussels Int’l Film Fest.Jan – May 1999 Rochdale France Paris, Fr Executive producer§ 80 minutes documentary, “LetteR to Emma”. Betacam SP. Directed by Joseph Simas.1998 - 1999 Inter Europ Paris, Fr Producer and director§ 23 minutes short film, “The Deep”. Funding: French National Cinema Center & Rochdale. CinemaScope & Dolby SR.1997 France 3 Paris, Fr Production manager§ 26 minutes TV program on singer “JIMMY OIHID”, for “Sagacités”.1991 - 1993 MC Films Paris, Fr 1st assistant producer§ Right arm of features films producer Philippe Cosson. Produced: "Erreur de Jeunesse", by Radovan Tadic (Cannes 1990) "Vagabond", by Ann le Monnier (Cannes 1992)§ Development & productions tracking, fund raising.1991 La Belle Production Paris, Fr Post-production manager§ 2x90 minutes TV program "Life on a string", on daily life in USSR. Directed by Pascal Racmanoff. French / soviet coproduction.1990 CMC Prod Paris, Fr Producer and film editor§ Cinema short, “PRECIPICE”, directed by Ian Vidal (35 mm color, Cinemascope Dolby, 9‘).




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