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A good afternoon

Iran, 2014, Black Magic - Color - 17

Babak Amini

1.Saghi Amini 2.Mahshid Farahani 3.Zari Farahani

Gita Garakani

Ashkan ashkani

Babak hasanati

Shahram alimohamadi

Mamad Kianersi

Saghi amini

Saghi Amini

Saghi Amini


Goli is a 30 years old girl who loss her identity and her parents are dead, She needs to know some realities about her life so she went to live with her mothere`s cousins to find out her identity.

Bio & Filmography of Babak AMINIBabak AMINI, born on 1978 in Iranian Kurdistan. Graduated in the major of philosophy from Tehran University. I have been the 17th Cinéfondation session resident in the Cannes film festival (2008) And made some short films:1) Angels die in the soil 2008 2) Banquet Under the water 2010 3) I wish someone were waiting for me somewhere 2011 4) No One`s Land 2013“Angels Die in the Soil” 2008 BY: Babak AMINI Festival attends and awards1)58th Berlin Film Festival, Germany. (Berlin ale Talent Campus.7-15 Feb 2008) 2) Oxford International Film Festival, Mississippi, USA.(7-10 Feb 2008) 3)26th Asian-American San Francisco International Film Festival, San Francisco, USA. (13-23 March 2008) 4) San Francisco Children’s International Film Festival, San Francisco, USA. (22 Feb-9 March 2008) 5) Rwanda International Film Festival-Romania (16-30 March 2008) 6) Aubagne International Film Festival –France (10-15March 2008) 7) Sukagawa International Film Festival-Japan (10-13 May 2008) 8) 21th Singapore International Film Festival –Singapore (4-14 April) 9) Afia International Film Festival-Denmark (12-17 March 2008) 10) Four site International Film Festival- USA- (5-8 March 2008) 11) Palm Beach International Film Festival-USA (10-17 April 2008) 12)7th Tribeca International Film Festival –USA (23 April-3May 2008) 13) Festroia International Film Festival-Portugal (6-15 June 2008) 14) Era New Horizons International Film Festival – Poland (17-27 Aug 2008) 15) Media wave International Film Festival. Hungary (25 April-3May2008) 16) Eco Films International Film Festival, Greece (24-29 June 2008) 17) Bochum International Film Festival, Germany (29-31 May 2008) 18)16th Archipelago International short film festival, Italy, (13-19 June 2008) 19) Bicycle international film festival, USA, (June 2008) 20) Eco Vision International Film Festival, Palermo, Italy (5 -10 June 2008) 21)9th Seoul International Film Festival, South Korea, (5 – 11 June 2008) 22) Berlin Kurdish film festival. Germany, (24th May – 2nd June) 23)57th Melbourne International Film Festival. Australia, (25th July-10th Aug) 24)23th Odense International Film Festival, Denmark,(19th – 24th Aug) 25) Shoot-Me International Film Festival, Netherland,(16th – 22 June) 26) Ischia International Film Festival, Italy, ( 23th – 28Th June) 27) Montreal International film festival, Canada,(august 2008) 28)14th palm springs International film festival, USA (21-27 Aug 2008) 29)7TH Third Eye International film festival, Mumbai, India.(16-23 Oct 2008) 30) Venice International short film festival, Venice, Italy.(28 Aug- 6 Sep 2008) 31) Slow film festival, Eger, Hungary,(June 2008) 32) Boston International film festival, USA,(14 Sep 2008) 33)5th international film festival Forli Sedicicorto, Italy.(6-12 Oct 2008) 34)10th portable International film Festival. UK (28 Aug-13 Sep2008) 35)4th Bolzano/Bozen International film festival, Italy (17-25 Oct 2008) 36)14th Festival International du Film CINEMA TOUS ECRANS, Genève, Swiss (27 oct-2 Nov 2008) 37) Nominated in the Grand Off European Film Awards. Warsaw. Poland. (29 November 2008) 38) Nominated for 52nd Golden Gate Awards




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