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Belgium, 2013, HD - Color - 88min in DCP 24fps

Wil Mathijs

Martin Uit den Bogaard, Phil Bloom, Aldert Mantje

Wil Mathijs

Wil Mathijs

Wil Mathijs

The Mary Hart Attack

Henk Rabau

Wil Mathijs

Wil Mathijs

Elementrik Films


CELLS is a sticky documentary film about a simple man with a far from simple plan. Dutch-Belgo Martin Uit den Bogaard (67y.) is one of the world’s top 10 bio-artists. Uit den Bogaard illustrates through his work, not that there is life after death - but rather that there is life in death.Martin’s quest is to get his hands on a new human body part to use in his work while he wrestles to obtain the rights to his own body for his ultimate and final piece, after his death. How can Martin fight the law? Will Martin get a new human part to use in his work? How can his wife, Dutch Icon and painter Phil Bloom and his friend-colleague Aldert Mantje help him? Death is a part of life. Dying is nothing but a transformation. The long coercive power of the images of Martin's estranged world are shot in a super macro mode and force the viewers to see the beauty of decay and waste. Tainted prejudices are upturned. Devoid of religious intentions, everything is matter. All matter is continuously moving. Nature feeds itself. But what about intangible things like our soul and our consciousness?This contemplative but humorous documentary confronts us vigorously with our own private life and mortality, the western taboo of death.

Wil Mathijs was born in 1977 in the fruit plantations of Belgium. He studied at the Film Academy, Sint Lukas in Brussels & SHIVKV Genk. In 1998 he shot his first official shortfilm AQUAREL. He worked 13 years as a freelance (line)producer and production manager on documentary and tvfilm projects, corporates, commercials, shorts and tvshows for several national and international companies and television channels such as BBC, RTBF, France 2, TF1, TV5, ZDF, SRG, ARTE, CANVAS, VPRO, VTM. Nowadays he runs his own production box Elementrik Films which focuses on documentary and fiction films made from a particular personal perspective mostly driven by social (sur)realism, contemplation, nature and art with universal relevance. The search for the personal essence, the intrinsic nature, exists and remains. CELLS is his first creative feature documentary.Filmography “CELLS” Wil Mathijs, feature doc 85’, HD, release 2014, director, writer, producer, DOP, currently in postproduction, with support of VAF and the Belgian Federal Taxshelter.“The Burning of Mantje’s Script Ideas’ Wil Mathijs, videoloop 8’, HD, 2013, director, writer, producer, DOP, art gallery Amsterdam, The Netherlands, TBC “We Have Them” Wil Mathijs, videoloop 1’, HD, 2012, director, writer, producer, DOP, shown in 15 museums & art galleries in The Netherlands, Belgium, Egypt, China “Belgian Journey” Wil Mathijs, videoloop 5’, HD, 2005, director, writer, producer, DOP, Museum for Industrial Architecture & Textile, Ghent, claim against colonization in Congo “Aquarel” Wil Mathijs, shortfilm 13’, 35mm, 1998, director, writer “Paenitentia” Wil Mathijs, shortfilm 7’, Beta Dig, 1997, director, writer “L’homme de la Fôret” Wil Mathijs, short doc 7’, Super VHS, 1996, director, writer, dopAs producer “Run Boy, Run” Boris Sverlow, animation short 1’, release 2014, producer, currently in preproduction, with the support of VAF, Canvas, Kinepolis “SIDELINE” Joost Wynant & Maarten Goffin, doc 90’, HD, release 2015, producer, currently in developmentLine Producer or Production Manager “A Gentle Push” Philippe Verkinderen, short 15’, HD, 2009, line producer, several international prices & broadcasts “Welcome to Nanoworld” C-A de Rouvre & A-F Sion, doc-series 4x 52’, HD, 2007, consultant producer, France 5, RTBF, UR, TFO “IVF” Ilse Somers, short 10’, 35mm, 2007, co producer & production manager “El Camino Del Deseo” Eva Cools, short 15’, 16mm to HD, 2007, consultant producer “Zondvloed” Peter Ghesquière, short 13’, 35mm, 2006, line producer, several international prices & broadcasts “Dunkirk” Alex Holmes, doc-series 3 x 52’, Beta Dig, 2003, production manager, BBC “Le Président Ferrare” Alain Nahum, TV film 90’, S16mm, 2003, production manager, TF1, France 2, CBC “Les Scrupules de Maigret” Pierre Joassin, TV film 90’, S16mm, 2002, production manager, France 2, ZDF, CBC, RTBF, SRG “The Strange Man” Peter Kruger, short 15’& 22’, 35mm, 2002, line producer, several international prices & festivals “Airsound, The Voice on Wings” Klaas Rusticus, doc-series 4 x 26’, Beta Dig, 2002, line producer “Hollywood aan de Schelde” Robbe de Hert, dos-series 13 x 26’, 2001, production manager “Just A Story” Fabian Charles, short 15’, 35mm, 2001, line producer, several international prices & broadcasts “Nicolas” Erik Lamens, TV film 52’, S16mm, 2000, line producer, Canvas, VPRO “Pony Palace” Bie Boeykens, TV film 52’, S16mm, 2000, line producer, Canvas, VPRO “Penalty” Pieter Van Hees, TV film 52’, S16mm, 2000, consultant producer, Canvas, VPRO80+ commercial, viral, corporate films as freelance production manager or producer




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