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Iran, 2005, dc - Color
Directed by: payman haghani
Cast: hosein hesamnezhad - kimia keinezhad
Screenplay: payman haghani
Producer: payman haghani
World Sales: payman haghani

Story description:
Vahid , an ugly man , tries to show the photo of his pretty girl friend to his teasing friend , while infact he doesn't have any girl friend and even no girl accepts to take the photo with him.
Director Biographical note:
When he entered the school, war was passing the ending days and the city was going to find a clam scene, it was 2000 when he started to educate in physics. However, he going to attend the first course of film making went on leave for a semester and then changed his mind to continue the film class he started to make a short film. After a year at university, he left physic to concentrate on making the films. He has made 4 short films and written some long screenplays which have not been unfortunately made. Although he could not show his films in Iran – except one - his films have attended 25 international film festivals.

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