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Burn Out The Day
United States, 2009, HDV - Color - 87
Directed by: Cinqué Lee / Sean Bohary
Cast: Sean Bohary, Cinque Lee, Sarah Rubin, Melissa Russo
Screenplay: Cinque Lee, Sean Bohary
Photography: Stephanie Batailler
Editing: Cinque Lee
Set design: Tia Link
Music: Cinque Lee
Producer: Sandy Bohary, Jim Bohary, Renee Rubin, Richie Rubin

Story description:
Two men in a same sex relationship have decided to have a child but find themselves in awkward and embarrassing situations as they ask friends and relatives to bear their child.
Director Biographical note:
Cinqué Lee’s, a native of Brooklyn, third feature he has written and directed, ‘UR4 GIVEN’ premiered at the 2004 Urban World Film Festival. Cinqué has also appeared in the Jim Jarmusch’s films ‘Coffee & Cigarettes’, ‘Mystery Train’ and also Jane’s Addiction ‘Three Days’. He was also co-writer on Spike Lee’s ‘Crooklyn’ and ‘All The Invisible Children’.

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