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Ha'agam (The Lake)
Israel, 2008, HDCAM - Color - 25
Directed by: Boaz Lavie
Cast: Boaz Lavie, Oren Lavie, Arie Adler
Screenplay: Boaz Lavie
Photography: Nadav Hekselman
Editing: Yael Hersonski, Ro-e Nahum
Set design: Dana Yungelson
Sound: Alfred Tesler
Producer: Ron Propper
Production: Ricardo Max

Story description:
After once again losing his job, Yoni turns to his older brother, Sa'ar, whose source of income has been a mystery for years. Overwhelmed by his little brother's pleading, Sa'ar reveals his secret and takes his brother on an unusual one-day journey.
Director Biographical note:
Born in 1974. Graduated from full-time film program at high school. Worked for more than 10 years as a screenplay writer, director and editor for leading TV channels in Israel. From 2003, an independent writer and filmmaker.

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