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Italy, 2007, 16/9 - Color - 17minutes
Directed by: Mara Bertoni e Gigi Roccati
Cast: Srgio Romano, Olimpia Marmoross, Pietro Ragusa, Loredana Parrella
Screenplay: Mara Bertoni
Photography: Tommaso Cane
Editing: Cristiano Gerbino
Set design: Andrea Migliaccio
Costume design: "Famosa"
Music: Gabriele Bonolis (Original)
Sound: Daniele Guarna
Producer: Cristiano Gerbino
Production: Fake Factory-VivoFilm- GGR productions
World Sales: none

Story description:
Una donna è scomparsa senza lasciare traccia. La sua bellezza si insinua tra gli sguardi, le memorie e le visioni di tre personaggi. In loro si svelano paure e si accendono desideri. La sua immagine sfuggente ritorna ad esorcizzare il passato.
Director Biographical note:
Mara Bertoni has a background as photographer and Art performer that soon brought her to Cinema. As a Trained actress at Micheal Margotta's Actors Center she started writing and directing her own projects. Her passion for cultural studies and humanity, beside a Scientific approach to research and investigation, through her course of studies she developed passion and competence in the Artistic Field – both in terms of practice and theory. Apart from the Major Anthropological PHD Course She also graduated as “Qualified Promoter and Helder of Fine Arts Exhibitions”. Later working with Prof. Mario Gorni at the CARE/OF – Contemporary Art Centre and Video Art Archive she could combine Photography and video-making with Her passion for Visual Anthropology and Art. This experiences guided her to write, develope and film several projects among which : “TRANSITIONS” ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gigi Roccati was born in Turin – Italy August 09 / 1979. With a background of comic book artist lent to advertisement and shortfilm-maker in 2001 joined Mike Leigh’s London Film School (LFS) in a 2 years Diploma Course graduating Director in 2003 before a Master Degree at the London Metropolitan University. His graduation film “CHLOE TRAVELS TIME” after wining the STUDIO UNIVERSAL’S CINEMASTER Prize: a Stage at UNIVERSAL STUDIOS and FOCUS FILM in Los Angeles was presented at “Italian Cinema Style” a showing of best Italian cinema at the Egyptian Theatre – L.A – presented by Cinecittà and American Cinemateque. He works independently and for television as Documentarist, writing and directing shortfilms. His Major aims are live far away from cities and debuting soon with his first feature.

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