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Kadamtole Krishna Nache
India, 2005, 35 mm - Color - 123 minutes
Directed by: Ms.Suman Haripriya
Cast: M.Sarma,Saurabh Hazarika,Rupsikha,Runu Devi,Sohani
Screenplay: Ms.Bijuprabha , Mr.ranajit Chakraavorty
Producer: Ms.Suman Haripriya , Mr.Ranajit Chakraavorty
World Sales: Nill

Story description:
A classical dance based musical film.The film is about socio-cultural aspect of Vaishnavite religion created by Great Saint Sankardeva more than 500 years back in Norh East India.This film reflects traditional, cultural and colourful Vaishnavite Assamese society emphasiging humanism with devotional music,classical dance where Lord Krishna is the central theme. Song and dances are incorporated in the film for socio -unification,devotion and spritual elivation through a story in contemporary society.
Director Biographical note:
Suman Haripriyaa born to educationist parents attained higher education in Delhi : Post graduate degree in sociology, Bachelor degree in Mass Comunication and diploma in film production and direction Suman is also Jyotish Acharya (M.A. in Astrology). She represented India in International Astrological conference held in Moscow in 1999. She publishes series of articles on diffent aspects of Astrology espeaially Medical Astrology, besides several write-ups on subjectrelating to sociology. Kadamtole Krishna Nache (Krishna Dances under Kadam Tree) is Suman’s third feature film. Her two other films released earlier are commercially very successful in Assam . Prior to her feature film enterprise she makes documentaries for the Ministeries of Health, Railway and Labour , Govt. of India and also for UNICEF. Film making apart, Suman remains engaged in SocialService in the far-fling rural areas through her NGO (RIOSES).

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